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Chemical distribution business for sale in Turkey

Chemical (commodity, specialty and plastics) distribution company for sale

Chemicals business for sale
  • Revenue: 10M-20M US$
  • Location: Turkey
  • Gross Margin: 20%
  • Reason for Sale: Strategic investor to grow business quickly
  • CFIE 8-0128

Overview chemical business for sale

The company was established in the early 90’s and started as the sole representative of a leading of a leading chemical company. This strategy was abandoned after some years when the company started to distribute chemical products for more suppliers. At the moment the company represents a large number of well known clients. Also the company has been doing production of tailor-made products for the last 12 years.

The company for sale has its own in house R&D that focuses especially on polymers. The main objective of the R&D department is to improve processes and decrease relevant costs for its clients.  The company is considered as a separate free zone company (transit trade). Gross margins are 20% and margin of Earnings After Taxes are 7-8%.

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Highlights Turkish Chemical Distribution Business

  • True business partner
  • Exclusive agent for well known brands in Turkey
  • Access to Balkans and Middle East areas
  • Own production (tailor made polymers) and R&D

Products company for sale

The company focuses on commodity and speciality chemicals and plastics. It has a large product portfolio that includes products for automotive, paint, insulation, food and plastics.

The composition of revenue consists of 60% chemical distribution , 25% plastics distribution and 15% own production. The own production consists mostly of tailor made polymers.

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