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Chatbot software company for sale

  • Revenue: > 1 million EUR
  • Employees: > 15
  • Location of the chatbot software company: Europe
  • Reason for sale: The owners want to grow the company in Europe, therefore are looking to talk to interested investors
  • #CFIE ITS512

Overview of the chatbot software company in Europe for sale

The company for sale develops software solutions that help organizations efficiently interact with customers and employees. The solutions allow companies to obtain more customer information and offer better-personalized experiences. Also, companies can free more resources (people, time, finances, equipment, etc.) and focus on strategic work. A chatbot solution removes the need to manually answer repetitive questions and at the same time, it can offer clients the support they need 24/7, in real time, and across various channels. The management team has extended experience in building software products and understands very well the power of artificial intelligence for shaping the way people communicate with each other. The company records revenues of more than 1 million euros and has a positive EBITDA with increased rates from year to year. The owners have decided to unlock the company’s potential and are considering the option of selling the company to a more powerful international player able to take the business to the next level. A potential buyer could be a company in the artificial intelligence field with applications in customer relationship management. Interested parties in this chatbot software company are invited to connect with the CFIE team for more details.

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Profile (strategy) of the chatbot software company in Europe for sale

The company for sale has been active in the market for around 6 years during which it has managed to grow the business and make valuable products for its clients. The team is formed of 15 professionals specialized in various fields that drive digital transformation, such as software development, UX/UI design, programming, software integration, AI and automation, product development, chat, and voice bot technologies. The company has a very deep understanding of the domains of artificial intelligence, machine learning, software development, and analytics. The efforts sustained in these domains have earned the company multiple international prizes and certifications offered by top expert institutions and research papers. The company’s main mission is to extract value from a conversation with the help of high-level technology products. The company is a leader in natural language processing technology. It delivers SaaS and PaaS solutions that enable companies to optimize processes by translating conversational data into business insights.

The team is very creative and has strong AI skills. It combines the latest AI trends with an innovative vision to shape and build leading AI solutions and bots that feel and operate at the highest levels. The Chatbot CMS solution developed for enterprises allows the user to manage bots in the present multi-cloud world. Using the platform, conversational UX, and cutting-edge AI powers provided by the company’s popular brands helped to drive their business outcomes and companies are enabled to offer great customer experiences and products to their clients. The platform is cloud-based, modular, and highly customizable. It also provides APIs that enable developers to add specific integrations and offer particular experiences to bot owners. It is a no-code platform that allows any interested party to develop digital assistants and launch a broad variety of messaging channels. The company is an Oracle partner, and it helps customers from a wide range of industries such as insurance, healthcare, transport, high-tech, pharmaceutical, not-for-profit, gaming, financial services, etc.

Activities and services of the chatbot software company in Europe for sale

The company for sale developed a chatbot software solution that enables companies to extract data from daily conversations. The team has experience in activities related to:

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Machine learning
  • Software development
  • Natural language processing
  • SaaS
  • Solution integration
  • Analytics

Highlights of the chatbot software company in Europe for sale

  • The company developed a chatbot software solution
  • The solution enables companies to extract valuable data from daily interactions with clients and employees
  • The owners are looking to talk with potential investors that are interested in growing the business

More information on this chatbot software company in Europe for sale

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