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Ceramic manufacturing company

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Ceramic sanitary products manufacturer in Poland for sale

  • The sales of the business for sale are above 10m euro annually
  • The size of the ceramic sanitary products manufacturer for sale is medium
  • The location is Poland
  • The ceramic sanitary products manufacturer employs more than 100 people (currently not active)
  • Reason for sale: The company is currently not active and is looking for a strategic buyer who wants to acquire the business, it’s assets and client base and develop it again.
  •  CFIE U063

Overview of the ceramic sanitary products manufacturer for sale

The company for sale is a ceramic sanitary products manufacturing business from Poland. The company is currently not producing and waiting for a strategic international buyer to start up the production again. The company is mainly looking for an industry partner who will contribute, except for financial funds, with the sales possibilities of the products to increase the production capacity. The fixed costs of the enterprise constitute the majority of all costs. The main issue for the company is to obtain the profitability of production again by maximizing the usage of the production capacities. The profitability threshold is achieved in production and sale of about 30 thousand of ceramics a month (about 50% of using the capacity). The company is looking for a strategic buyer who can help in achieving this.

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Profile (strategy) of the ceramic sanitary products manufacturer for sale

The owner of the ceramic sanitary products manufacturer in Poland is interested to sell the company to a strong strategic buyer which has access to a large client base in Western Europe. The company has the ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 certificates. The company is the laureate of many competitions and awards and about 40 industrial designs. The new buyer will take over within the package all rights which will be contributed to the new owner or purchased in whole by the investor with its organized part.

Sanitary ceramics products (products and activities)

The company for sale produces sanitary ceramics in the following main 5 stages:
  • Preparation of mass and glaze
  • Casting the goods
  • Drying
  • Glazing
  • Birning
The preparation of mass takes place in the department of processing plant on the basis of mixers  and vibration mills. The whole installation is connected with the system of wells constituting the warehouse of mass which is on a regular basis manufactured and supplemented. The company has also a second newly build processing plant on the basis of ball mills which presently is used for the production of chamotte mass for basins and constitutes the reserve of power and security for power in case of failure of the second processing plant.
The company on the new hall with the area of above 5,5 thousand m2 installed the casting plant on the plaster forms where the particular casting benches are individually adjusted to the possibilities of manufacturing a defined assortment on it for which there is demand. A total amount of plaster forms which may be installed on the casting plant is about 1500 pieces. Presently, the pouring is made once per 24 hours and in some assortments 2x per 24 hours. After installing additional heat recycle form the furnace (investment partially started and requires completion) – in order to heat the casting hall additionally – there will be a possibility to cast 2x per 24 hours for each assortment. The last investment is to launch two modern casting benches with the application of manipulators for deforming. The technology allows for improving the work of the castor, causes the reduction in employment and reduction of costs.
In addition, the Company has 5 lines for pressure cast, out of which 2 for basins, 1 for large-size basins, 2 lines for the production of compact and hanging bowls. Presently, only one line is working for basins  -the remaining ones do not work due to large and sufficient capacities for the plaster casting facility, in addition there is a necessity to purchase and implement new designs for the lines. The pressure lines have large capacity and there is a necessity here to invest in pressure forms.
After casting the goods and their initial processing, their drying is required which takes place in the hall of furnace facility and chamber drying facility. Glazing is preceded by the quality control in cabins for sorting and dusting. Burning takes place in the tunnel furnace.

Highlights of the ceramic sanitary products manufacturing company for sale

The ceramic sanitary products manufacturer for sale is an ideal target for a larger player from the European industry who wants to get access to the local Polish market or produce at lower costs.
Top of the highlights are:
  • strategic location of business on the market
  • established brands on the Polish market
  • there are further growth opportunities
  • possibility to cater to regional and Eastern markets
  • qualified labour force
  • skilled and motivated personnel

Information about the ceramic sanitary products manufacturer for sale

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