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CBD company in Germany for sale

  • Sales: To be disclosed at a later stage
  • Location: Germany
  • Reason for sale: The company owners are looking for an investment in the company to help grow its distribution network
  • #CFIE PHS054


Overview of this CBD company in Germany for sale

The owners of a medical company specializing in the supply of CBD (cannabidiol) substances and medicines in Germany are ready to sell the company, or part of the company to a suitable buyer. The owners will only discuss the potential sale with matching buyers, from the pharma industry that can show proven synergies and who will be able to take the company to the next level.

Profile of this CBD company in Germany

This company for sale is a well-established distributor from the pharma industry, operating in the controversial subindustry dealing with cannabinoids. The company has a license for the distribution of CBD (cannabidiol) products in the German market. Cannabidiol (CBD) is the non-psychoactive substance of the cannabis plant and was classified as innocuous by WHO.

The main value of the company lies in the:

  • License for CBD distribution for one of the largest markets in Europe
  • Database of over 2 million patients
  • Established distribution network

The company has built an extensive and reliable distribution network serving the German market of doctors, clinics, pharmacies, hospitals, and patients. The company is growing constantly and expanding its sales and network.

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Products and services of this CBD company in Germany

This opportunity is mainly the license to sell cannabidiol in the German market, plus the distribution network. The products distributed by this company have multiple positive effects on the human body and can be used in various ways. CBD products have muscle-relaxing and anti-inflammatory effects, they also help in reducing anxiety and epilepsy.

However, it is hard to get a license to distribute CBD products in Germany.

Therefore, this could be of great value to any company or medical group, operating in the DACH region. A lot of synergies would apply in these cases. An interested buyer could acquire this structure and be the only company able to supply this product and its derivatives.

Highlights of this CBD distributor in Germany

  • The company for sale is an innovative pharmaceutical service company from Western Europe
  • The buyer could gain a license to distribute a unique set of pharma products in Germany (with no competition)
  • The company has a stable portfolio of customers and a database of  more than 2 million potential clients/customers




More information on this cBD pharma company in Germany for sale

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