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Castings manufacturer for sale in Central Europe

Company for sale 

  • Sales: 12 M EURO
  • Ebitda: 1.8 M EURO
  • Net profit: 1.3 M EURO
  • Fixed assets: 3 M EURO
  • Employees: < 60
  • Location: North Europe
  • Reason for sale: The owners of the group are looking for a buyer of the 100% of their shares.
  • #CFIE ABE 033

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Overview castings manufacturing company for sale

The company, located in North Europe is a very well established group, which has been operating for almost 25 years. The group is distributed among north and central Europe and dedicated to the manufacture of sleeves and copper alloy rings formed by centrifugal casting with an outer diameter of up to 2450 mm. The group uses centrifugal method  applied to serial and mass production of castings shaped as solids of revolution (cast pipes and castings shaped as pipes, sleeves, rings, brake drums, bearing housings, cast wheels, cast shafts, etc.).

The machinery used in the Group is equipped with a rotating mould and a permanently-fixed pouring trough. The group rents production halls with an approximate area of 4,000 m2 and owns a machinery park with more than 300 pieces of plant and machinery, business passenger cars and a commercial lorry.

The group has a high rotation and fragmentation of customers, with more than 450 clients per year that are local (20% of the revenue), and from Western Europe, Central and Eastern Europe (80% of the revenue). Out of these 450 customers, 300 remain on the Company the next year. This is an example of the good work and good product manufacture of the group. The main customers and recipients of the group´s products are heavy machinery industry, shipbuilding industry, smelting industry, mining, renewable energy industry, machine tool industry and agricultural machinery industry, among others.

A few years ago, the Group has recorded a continuous increase in operations and net profit results. In the last analyzed period, the EBITDA margin is 15%, and the net margin is 11%.

Profile castings manufacturing company for sale

Privately held, currently, the group´s management and ownership are looking to sell the 100% of the shares of the group. The Companies belonging to the group have an outstanding portfolio of products and manufacturing processes that would greatly enhance a potential buyer in the same or related business.  The management is also willing to cooperate with the potential buyer in order to guarantee a smooth transition period.  

Products and services castings manufacturing company for sale

This leading castings manufacturing group of companies in Central Europe has the following production profile:
  • Sleeves and rings of copper alloys- 90% of general revenues
  • bearing shells cast with bearing alloys – 5% of general revenues
  • steel torsion springs – 5% of general revenues

Information Castings manufacturing company for sale

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