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Canned fish producer in Southern Europe for sale

Company for sale

  • Industry: food processing
  • Revenue:  >15 million EUR
  • Location: Southern Europe
  • #CFIE FOS021

Overview of this canned fish producer in Southern Europe for sale

This company is specialized in producing all kinds of canned fish and shellfish products. This canned fish producer in Southern Europe for sale has more than 70 years of experience in food processing. Thanks to its two principals, this company always focuses on customer needs and how to facilitate innovation in the canned fish production. Next to its own brands, it is a great distributor of other large companies’ products. As nowadays fish is considered to be healthier compared with meat, the company experiences a steady growth year by year.

Profile (strategy) of this canned fish producer in Southern Europe for sale

The company takes care of the marine environment, does not overfish the sea and promotes sustainable fishing among other companies. The company does not use genetically modified products. The quality of its company management system is ensured by ISO. The manufacturing process follows the HACCP System (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points System.

Their products vary from traditionally prepared shellfish products to semi-preserves. To avoid using preservatives the tins go through a heat sterilisation process, the filling and sealing of the tins are done automatically, no chemicals or preservatives are added during the process. There are plenty of vitamins B2 and B3 in these canned fish products, plus vitamins A & D in sardines, tuna, salmon products.

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Activities and products of this canned fish producer in Southern Europe for sale

The company offers different products to the market based on:

  • sardine,
  • mackerel,
  • cephalopods,
  • bivalves,
  • surimi.

These products are well-known in Southern Europe and receive great recognition in Europe thanks to their superior quality.

Highlights of this canned fish producer in Southern Europe for sale

  • The company produces canned fish and shellfish products with >70 years of experience.
  • This canned fish producer is presented in more than 40 countries in Europe, America, Africa and Asia. 
  • This canned fish producer is profitable thanks to the strong customer relationships and its great recognition in its home country.
  • The ideal buyer is a strategic investor that has interest in the canned fish industry and would like to expand in this area.

Information about this canned fish producer in Southern Europe for sale

Please do get in touch if you are interested in learning more about this canned fish producer in Southern Europe for sale, the owners are open for discussions. Please let us know if you want to know more about this company. For more companies for sale, visit the section companies for sale. If you want to review buyers of companies, visit the section companies wanted.

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