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Cable manufacturing company for sale

Manufacturing business for sale

Cable manufacturer for sale

  • Cable manufacturing business in its mature stage
  • Firm located in the rapidly developing Eastern Europe
  • CFIE MAS111
  • Highly qualified technical staff
  • Large client base

Cable manufacturer for sale

This cable manufacturer for sale is located in the rapidly developing market of Eastern Europe. This cable manufacturer for sale has been in operation for over four decades and has a well established client base. The firm manufacturers conductors and electrical cables and wires. The cable manufacturer enjoys a well experienced technical work force.  The team pride themselves on efficient operation of the manufacturing process. The firm produces oxygen free copper rod manufacturing under UPCAST technology.This cable manufacturer for sale supplies many top industry leading multinational corporations. All of the firm’s accounts are handled by certified accountants to ensure that all their accounts are transparent and reliable.


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Profile (strategy) of cable manufacturer for sale

The owner of this cable manufacturing business for sale is seeking an investor who is interested in owning the business. The firm operates relatively independently without the need for day to day monitoring. In its operations the firm uses a well tested manufacturing process. The firms central test laboratory is accredited according to the requirements of EN ISO/IEC 17025. The modern equipment of the firms laboratory makes it possible to perform a wide range of physical and chemical tests of the input materials and full control of the produced cables and wires. The cable manufacturer exports to countries such as Germany, Russia, Belgium, France, United Arab Emirates, Greece, Finland, Austria and other Middle and Far East, African and Asian countries. As corporations needs are ever changing, this cable manufacturer remains agile and ready to adapt to the needs of its clients.

Highlights cable manufacturer for sale

The consumer electronics distributor for sale has various highlights like:

  • High quality products
  • Over 40 years in operation
  • Major player in its national market
  • EN ISO/IEC 17025 certified
  • Customer specific manufacturing process

Information about cable manufacturer for sale

Please do not hesitate to contact us to request more information on other cable manufacturer for sale. If this cable manufacturer for sale isn’t exactly the kind of business you are looking to invest in then feel free to browse the Corporate Finance in Europe website for more manufacturing companies for sale.