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Biopharmaceutical manufacturing business for sale

Overview biopharmaceutical manufacturer for sale

  • The company is an established life sciences research business
  • The location is Europe
  • The manufacturing company will produce biosynthetic insulin
  • The company possesses innovative knowledge
  • Reason for sale: The company is looking for a larger (preferably strategic) investor to help start-up a manufacturing plant for biosynthetic insulin
  • The required investment amount is 30M Euro (25% secured already)

Overview manufacturer of biopharmaceuticals

The company has a long history in biopharmaceuticals and is very experienced with research in this field. The company, a privately owned Life Science Research Company, has developed an unique bioprocess method for the production of highly purified human insulin at a much lower cost and also at a higher quality than the products presently on the market. The main objective of the project is the construction and operation of a bioprocess production facility, with an annual production capacity of 1.800 kg of human recombinant insulin. The company is looking for an investor to start-up the operations. The required total investment is 30m Euro of which a first part has been secured already.


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Profile (strategy) of biopharmaceuticals manufacturing company for sale

The business is looking for a partnership with a larger strategic player or financial investor. Diabetes is becoming a disease where there is a large shortage of supply of insulin. The WHO (World Health Organisation) estimates suggest that there will be 439 million people suffering from diabetes in 2030. The production of insulin for an increasing worldwide population of diabetics is lacking capacity. Next to this the current prices are too expensive for people with diabetes that live in low and middle income countries. Hence, insulin remains inaccessible in these countries although there is a large demand for insulin. A few major companies have captured the worldwide diabetes market and controlling this with high prices. Insulin remains unaffordable in many countries even though it is no longer protected fully by patents. The company wants to enter this field and is looking for a strong investor to scale up operations.
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Biopharmaceuticals products for sale

The company will produce insulin at a much lower cost due to innovative technologies being used. Competitors are also in the process to restructure and reduce costs. Manufacturing could be moved to lower cost locations or be outsourced. Some producers are moving to emerging markets. The expected entry of biosimilars onto the insulin market can significantly change the insulin landscape in the coming years. The company has a clear vision and business plan to produce insulin of high quality and at a much lower costs as currently being done in the market.

Highlights biopharmaceutical company for sale

The biopharmaceuticals company looking for an investor has various highlights like:
  • Long existence in the research of life sciences
  • The company can produce high quality insulin
  • The company has developed a process that will result in a significant value chain optimizing
  • The company is looking for an investment of 30M Euro to grow the manufacturing operations

Information about this biopharmaceuticals manufacturing company

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