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Big bag manufacturer for sale

Manufacturing business for sale

Big bag manufacturer Romania for sale

  • The big bag manufacturer for sale started the activity in the early years of this century
  • The yearly turnover of the big bag manufacturer is above 4 m Euro
  • The Profit (EBITDA) of the company: was 300K Euro but going up to 500K Euro
  • Employees of the big bag manufacturer: 50
  • Location of the company for sale:  Romania
  • Status: company not actively for sale, but the owner is open to speak to suited strategic buyers only
  • CFIE MAS102
  • Reason for sale: the owner wants to diversify and decrease it’s risk of having all it’s investments in one company

Profile Big bag manufacturer for sale

The company was founded in the beginning of 2000 as a big bag producer. The company for sale has bought an wpc extrusion line 3 years ago from the mark Reifenhauser which has a value of 1 mil euro. The buildings are 5000 m2 and there is the possibility to build on a further 10 000 m2 of land in the city. The company works with sewing machines and a baling press. The big bag manufacturer has invested further in a Starlinger extrusion line and weaving. With these new investments the company owner expect it can make 500 000 euro profit easy per year in the years to come. The company is located in the middle of an agricultural area of Romania. The big bag manufacturer open for a sale works with a network of customers, traders and end-users in the big bag and wood plastic sector. The company has around 1000 customers. The owner is interested to sell 50% or more of the business (possibly all of it). The reason for the possible sale is that the owner doesn’t want to invest all of his money in one business and wants to have some cash available. So the best option for the owner would be to sell 50%.

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Strategy big bag manufacturer for sale

The bulk bag (big bag) manufacturer is a company established early in this century. Although it is a relatively young manufacturing company, the management team has a long experience in the bag weaving and the industrial manufacturing industry. Because of new developments in the bulk bags sector the company is open to join forces with a larger strategic manufacturer. From the foundation of the company the goal of the owner was to produce the highest quality big bags (jumbo bags). The company open for a sale has always been aiming at several particular segments of the industry. Examples of these industries are mining (fine powder bags),agriculture (potato bags) ,chemicals( un certified bags for hazardous goods ),food (clean room manufactured jumbo bag)and special types of handling(baffle bags).

Main products and markets Big bag manufacturer for sale

The main ways the big bag products manufactured by the company are used for are:

  • Transport of meat
  • Liquids or products that contain a lot of liquid
  • Different materials of waste
  • Products on request

The bags can accommodate up to 2000 kg of product with a tensile strength of 5:1. There is various types of big bags. The rectangular interior bag is a model that has become quite common today among users of big bags who know advantages of this type of bag. This type of stability bag is enhanced by adding partitions corners of interior bag or optional in the version with cross-partitions. The stability bag leads to a considerable improvement in the use of the space during transport or idealized conditions for the carriage of liquids or of products containing liquids. This big bag consists of an outer shell of resistance and an internal pouch which is multi-layered. The model is patented and produced by the company under it’s own license.
The company also produces a service where containers and big bags are reconditioned. In this process bags are, in order to obtain a container securely (reconditioned and repaired), cleaned of debris previous used. Reconditioning bags reduces your costs in respect of packaging as well as the impact on environment.

Investment highlights Big bag manufacturer for sale

The company has an extensive background and track record in the big bag manufacturing industry. Some of the highlights are:

  • Strong growth (and further growth opportunities)
  • Interesting profit margins that can be further increased
  • Long experience in the big bag manufacturing industry
  • Deep knowledge of the big bag needs in the market

Information Big bag manufacturer for sale in Romania

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