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Axle manufacturer for sale

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Axle manufacturer in Eastern Europe for sale

  • The sales of the business for sale are above 10M Euro
  • The location is Eastern Europe
  • The manufacturing company employs more than 100 people
  • Reason for sale: The owner wants a strategic or financial partner to grow the company together. There is a lot of opportunity for improvement and additional production capacity with a strong strategic partner. The alternative is to sell fully to a strategic buyer
  • CFIE U013
  • The asking price is above 10M Euro

Overview axle manufacturer for sale

The factory for sale is an axle manufacturer business in Eastern Europe that exists for many decades. The company has new, modern machinery and quite some investments have been done over the last years. The annual turnover is above 10 million Euros and is growing on an annual basis. However, there is sufficient production capacity to increase revenue to around 100 million Euro in a few years if the right markets and demand can be found. Hence, the axle manufacturer for sale is ideally looking for a large strategic partner that has a lot of surplus demand. The axles or related material could then be produced in this Eastern European factory.
The company for sale is manufacturing driving axles’ for buses, trucks and road machines. It also produces driving axles for cranes and loaders and the drive axles and spare parts are used in harvesters, tractors, excavators and other engineering and agricultural vehicles. The company possesses an assembly line and assembly stations with a wide range of technical equipment. The employees consist of specialists in the assembling of axles. Further, the company for sale produces replacement parts for constructions and agricultural machines and special vehicles. The company is working on new axle related products and customization of the technical processes.
The Eastern European company for sale produces different type of axles and related products. These can be front steering (drive) axles, front suspensions, drum and disc brakes and rear drive axles. The company is also active with production lines of high-quality castings with a production of 10 000 tons of castings annually.


Profile (strategy) of axle manufacturer for sale

The owners of the axle manufacturer located in Eastern Europe are interested to work with a strong strategic or financial investor from the industry. Ideally, they will build up and extend the factory in cooperation with a strong partner that needs additional production capacity in Eastern Europe, has strong industry knowledge to support in innovation and modernization of new products for industries like the army, agriculture and others. The company for sale wants to focus on R&D in products related to axles and sees high demand. However, it lacks the financial means to fully invest in these new technologies. Alternatively, the company is also open to sell the factory. With financial support the revenue can grow to 100m Euro and the profitability can be increased significantly. Another alternative is to fully sell out to a strategic buyer.

Axle manufacturer products

Type of activities in the axle manufacturing company for sale consist of:
  • R&D and development of axles
  • Assembly line and assembly stations
  • Assembling of axles
  • CNC Machining work (cutting, milling, drilling, turning, grinding, rolling)
  • Casting and forging
  • Welding
  • Surface treatment
  • Coating
  • Painting
  • Assembling
Type of people employed in the axle manufacturing company for sale
  • Builders
  • Welders
  • Metal technologists
  • Casters
  • Machine mechanics
  • Electro mechanics

Highlights axle company for sale

The axle manufacturer company for sale has to make the transition from standard axles to innovative axle manufacturing. The axle manufacturer company for sale has various highlights like:
  • Large growth opportunity
  • Spare capacity to increase production
  • New factory with new equipment
  • Many ideas about new products and markets
  • Increasing demand for axle manufacturer products
  • Opportunity to expand the sales within the current factory with an improved working capital

Information about axle manufacturer company for sale

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