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Automotive rubber parts manufacturer in Turkey for sale

Company for sale

  • Size: large company
  • Revenue: EUR >80M 
  • Location of the automotive company: Turkey
  •  Reason for sale: The owners of this automotive company are looking for a suitable strategic buyer or financial investor, willing to take over 100% share continue with a great and profitable automotive company 
  • #CFIE AUS014

Overview of this automotive rubber parts manufacturer in Turkey for sale

This supplier of rubber parts for the automotive companies is a privately-owned business with a great history. Currently, the owners have agreed on selling 100%, or majority share in their company, so the company can receive new impulse and grow steadily in the following years. The company is well established player in its sector so this is a great opportunity for a large automotive player to expand by acquiring a running business in Turkey.

Profile (strategy) of this automotive rubber parts manufacturer in Turkey for sale

The company was established the 80s with a goal to produce rubber parts for the automotive sector. The production started with the compression molding method, developed in parallel to the changes in the sector and today it has become active in areas such as:

  • home appliances
  • construction
  • railways
  • defense
  • automotive sector

The company specializes also in injection molding of rubber elastomer and hose parts that have been strengthened with extrusion profile and textiles. 

The owners are seeking mainly sale of 100% share in the company, but they are open to discussions also about selling majority stake and remaining in the company as a minority shareholder or a controller.

The revenue of the company is constantly growing by 5-20% annually. The estimates are projecting similar growth in the next few years. The gross profit is stable and reaches on average 10M EUR every year.

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Activities and products of this automotive rubber parts manufacturer in Turkey for sale

The company produced for the Turkish market in its first years of existence but after that, it managed to become known in the international arena by exporting directly a high amount of its production. In recent years, plastic extrusion parts were added to the rubber part production and apart from rubber, production started with plastic materials, which are indispensable today. 

Over the time, the product diversity was improved one step further by investing production of plastic injection. Today the company serves its customers with more than 450 highly trained and skilled employees, in multiple locations.

The production portfolio of the company is wide, the range includes:

  • Rubber injection products
  • Various kinds of plastic extrusion products
  • Various automotive plastic injection products
  • Hose products

Highlights for this automotive rubber parts manufacturer in Turkey

  • The company is a financially strong manufacturer of supplies worldwide.
  • The company has a long history and an established position and relationships with customers.
  • The owners are willing to discuss 100% exit, but they will evaluate if the acquisition can bring synergies to their company .

Information about this automotive rubber parts manufacturer for sale

Feel free to contact us for more information regarding this automotive rubber parts production company for sale in Turkey, which is for sale to suitable buyers. If this automotive supplier company for sale does not fit your requirements feel free to ask for other companies for sale in the automotive industry. If you are interested in buyers of automotive oriented companies, please visit the section automotive companies wanted. You can also check other companies for sale located in Turkey, to do that visit the section companies for sale in Turkey.