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Plastic parts manufacturer for sale

Company for sale in plastics

Plastic parts manufacturer for the automotive industry open for a sale

  • The sales of the business open for a sale are above 20M Euro
  • The Ebitda of this automotive plastic parts company is above 2M Euro
  • The location is Western Europe
  • The manufacturing company employs less than 50 people
  • CFIE V007
  • Reason for sale: The company is not actively looking for a sale and is only looking for strategic partners where there is a real good fit and where synergies can be realized. The partner should be especially be able to give the company access to the US automotive supplier markets that are located in Mexico. The company is only interested to sell to such a company that can help in realizing the strategic plans of the company
  • The asking price is above 15M Euro


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Overview plastic parts manufacturer for the automotive industry

This injection moulding plastic parts manufacturing company for the automotive industry is a leading and fast growing company. It has a turnover over of more than €20mn Euro with further growth opportunities. The company has large experience in the plastic industry with a focus on the mostly the automotive industry. The company has significant space for production, but due to further growth plans it has build a new fully automated factory where they have 9,000 m2 and can expand to 12,5k m2. This will allow the company to grow further.

The company has a clear need to go global and have access to the global suppliers of the automotive industry. This is especially the case for Mexico, where the company has a very high interest to expand. Less likely is further growth in Asia and less interest exists for China. A partner that can bring complementary injection moulding automotive synergies is highly welcome. The company managing director is open for all solutions (like the sale, a purchase or a merger) as long as this benefits the strategy of the company. The company wants to be a global provider of high value added, small plastic parts for the automotive industry. The company is not desperate so only interest exists in a very well suited partner.

Profile (strategy) of a plastic parts manufacturing company for the automotive industry for sale

The business is looking for a sale to a larger strategic player to strengthen the opportunities in the Mexican and US automotive market. Get more information about this plastic parts manufacturing company for the automotive industry now. The company produces high value added products, and provides superior service for its clients. The plastic parts manufacturer works with the latest available technologies and anticipates the market demand. It’s clients are major players in the automotive industry (also the utility industry) for whom the company supports in tools development. To simplify the company is manufacturing long series production of sophisticated finished parts by injection moulding. It assembles technical plastic automotive parts using highly automated lines.
The plastic parts company for sale focuses on product quality improvement all the time. Total quality management is mandatory which can be seen via a clear control of avoidance of possible errors in the production’s approach and the optimization of its procedures. The company also works on testing sets and measuring instruments to give a client the guarantee over quality and product performances. The company focuses constantly to reduce its level of impact on the environment. The company possess important certifications.

Plastic automotive products

The company for sale is active in manufacturing plastic parts for the automotive industry. The automotive sector invests heavily in innovation and require readiness from their suppliers. The company is specialized in multiple components injection moulding. Further products that are manufactured are silicone, metal and electric inserts over-moulding and other technical parts' assembling. A high degree of automation is mandatory for large series of production with a „zero defect principle„ and 100 % testing achievement (if required). The company develops the plastic parts and rolls out the production via it’s partners globally.

Highlights plastic parts manufacturing company for sale

The plastic automotive supplier for sale has various highlights like:

  • Long existence in the automotive market
  • High level of automation
  • Various high quality injection moulding technologies
  • Strategically located in western Europe
  • Opportunity to expand the sales significantly within the current factory

Information about this automotive plastic parts manufacturing company

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