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Automotive interior manufacturer

Automotive business for sale

Company (automotive interior manufacturer) for sale

  • Sales of the automotive interior manufacturer in Eastern Europe for sale: >15m EUR
  • EBITDA automotive interior manufacturer for sale: > 2,5m EUR
  • Location automotive interior manufacturer: Eastern Europe
  • Employees of the automotive interior manufacturer: > 400
  • Reason for sale: Owner is looking for strategic partner for further development of the company. The company wants to capitalize on existing growth opportunities.
  • Status: Company open to discuss with interested buyers or investors
  • #CFIE PLS196

Overview of the automotive interior manufacturer for sale

The automotive interior manufacturer for sale in Eastern Europe is a growing company that exists for many decades. The produced parts are distributed to many of the renowned car manufacturers all around the globe. The company has large experience in the production of plastic moldings. The company has always invested into new technology and equipment. Further, the automotive interior and electro manufacturer focuses heavily on research and development. This has resulted in a company with up-to-date production facilities and high quality products in plastic molding. The quality assurance system is confirmed by many certificates (like the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001). The company focuses on automotive customers like Škoda and Volvo. This gives the automotive interior manufacturer in Eastern Europe confidence to be a good investment for any potential buyer.

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Profile (strategy) of automotive interior manufacturer for sale

The automotive interior manufacturer exists for many decades and has a rich history. Gradually the company has decided to concentrate on automotive and electro products. The company has made a clear decision to reduce its number of customers and to focus specifically on a strategic number of clients where it can provide comprehensive services.
The company possesses more than 50 injection moulding machines up to 2000 tons. The machines differ in age, but the machinery is pretty modern and up to date. The company has an own mould shop. It has further room for expansion next to the current factory. A possibility is to develop this space together with a larger strategic partner. The automotive interior manufacturer for sale is producing interior and body automotive parts as well as parts for the trunk. The strategy of the automotive and electro parts company for sale is to focus highly on R&D. The company introduces many new products and new tools. These are all customer driven projects where high technology is being used (moulding software). The R&D department is given a lot of attention and the qualified workforce works on many new product developments.

Activities of the automotive interior and electro manufacturer for sale

The automotive interior and electro manufacturer is working with 12 hour shifts for the injection moulding department every day of the week. The assembling department works 5 days a week, also with 12 hours shifts. The company for sale has two assembly lines and various smaller assembly working places. At these assembly units testing, welding and fully automated wrenching is being done. Further assembly is done by converting moulded parts into finished products. Here an overview of how the technical people are allocated across the company:

  • Almost 150 employees work in the automotive section
  • More than 100 employees work in the electro section
  • 70 people work in the mould shop
  • 25 people work in the Q&A department
  • More than 20 people work on R&D
As the company produces automotive interior and electro products, the company for sale can be an interesting target for a larger plastic automotive buyer that wants to deepen it’s network in automotive and electro products.

Highlights of the automotive interior manufacturer for sale

  • The automotive interior manufacturer situated in Eastern Europe is a high quality company
  • The company possesses modern machines
  • The automotive interior manufacturer supplies to many automotive manufacturers in Europe
  • The company invest heavily in R&D
  • The shareholders wants the strategic buyer to help in the further development of the company

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