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Automation and robotics systems manufacturing company for sale

Company for sale

  • Size: Small Medium Size
  • Revenue: < 10 M. EUR 
  • Location: Europe
  • #CFIE MAS053

Overview of the Automation and robotics systems manufacturing company for Sale

With a 21years of project success history, This Company for sale is an expert in the fast and precise loading and unloading of production machines. The seller offers its customers complete automation and systems as well as the necessary engineering services such as robot programming, control programming, electrical construction and image processing.

Profile (strategy) of the Automation and robotics systems manufacturing company for Sale

This Company for sale offers Programming and electro technical services with intelligent, safe and clearly designed concepts, and Machines with a simple structure, high flexibility and speed, safe running properties and easy to learn operability. Its works essentially in Mechanical engineering for loading, unloading and handling parts. The seller have an efficient supplying management system, allowing it to cut down acquisition costs, in order to cope with a competitive market.

The seller delivers automation solutions from consulting, planning, production to commissioning completely from a single source or provide its customers with expertise for individual subtasks.

This company has already developed several solutions for the automated loading and unloading of laser cutting machines using robots.

The company stands for intelligent and clever automation and software programming of all kinds: control programming, safety systems, 2D or 3D part recognition for "picking in the box" or sorting tasks and the reprogramming of milling machines and lathes.

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Activities and products of the Automation and robotics systems manufacturing company for Sale

Whether standardized robot cells and linear-axis handling or individual automation solutions - with or without image processing – this company for sale supplies the right automation technology, and its systems are high quality, fast, precise and reliable. As a system integrator, this company for sale implement complete solutions from a single source: conception, planning and implementation of construction, control programming and production, including commissioning and operator training on site, and that while using high-quality components from well-known manufacturers. Through the linking of the production machines and machining centers, the customers of this Company for sale achieve significant dynamization effects, save time and money.

Highlights of the Automation and robotics systems manufacturing company for Sale

  • Production type: Automatization: Linear axis portals, RoboBox, Handling parts/ Engineering: mechanical construction, Electrical construction, Project Planning / Software development:  PLC programming, Robot Programming, CNC programming, Image Processing / Design.
  • The security of the automation systems plays an increasingly important role in everyday production. That is why This Company for sale replace older control models with modern safety controls while modifying machine's control system.
  • The expertise and innovative ability of the employees form the basis of the high quality automation solutions offered in this company, by using the latest technical trends and the best possible future solutions for customers.

Information about the Automation and robotics systems manufacturing company for Sale

Feel free to contact us for more information regarding this Automation and Robotics systems manufacturing company with owners looking for investors in their company. Thanks to our expertise in the industry, we know dozens of manufacturing companies available for sale. If this manufacturer for sale in Romania does not fit your requirements, feel free to ask for other manufacturing companies for sale. You can also check other companies for sale located in Europe, to do so visit the sectionmanufacturing companies wanted.

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