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Aerospace components manufacturer in Spain for sale

Company for sale

  • Size: Small Size
  • Revenue: 2,5 million EUR 
  • Employees: >25 
  • Asking price: Initial minority purchase <50% of shares ( discretional option of gradual purchase); Majority purchase of >50% subject to permanence, no competition, guarantee agreements, etc; Combined purchase of shares and capital acquisition of around 80%-90%
  • Reason for sale: to incorporate an industrial group
  • Location : South Spain
  • #CFIE MAS068

Overview of the Aerospace Components manufacturer in Spain for Sale

Spanish company, located in the South of Spain. Manufacturer and assembler premium quality multi components (metal, rubber, textile, foam, plastic, etc.) products for the Aerospace / Aeronautics and General Industry sectors. This company for sale is dedicated to the manufacture of equipment and aerospace accessories with a wide range of processes and specialists in a wide variety of soft and metallic materials.

Profile (strategy) of the Aerospace Components manufacturer in Spain for Sale

The manufacturing companuy offers its clients a comprehensive, highly professionalized service with cutting edge technology, delivering turnkey parts with the maximum guarantees thanks to a highly qualified human team qualified, certified quality controls and constant investment in technology which allows work for the most demanding sectors: aeronautics, space, medical equipment, energy renewable, etc. It integrates the entire production process into its facilities: engineering, machining, welding, folding, sheet metal transformation, thermoforming, additive manufacturing, textile manufacturing, painting, laser engraving, verification, quality, etc.

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Activities and products 

This manufacturer for sale executes every phase of the production process (design, laser cut, high precision machining, thermoforming, etc.) from technical office to assembly and dispatch.

The company has four industrial warehouses with more than 1700 m2 of facilities at the service of its clients. Recurring “contract” turnover with AIRBUS DEFENCE. The company has a lot of experience working with soft materials such as: foam, plastics or textiles, as well as in the machining and transformation of metallic materials such as bronze, brass, aluminum, titanium or steel.

In order to satisfy the demand of a continuously evolving market, this company engages they very qualified team, providing its clients with the techniques and solutions best suited to their needs.

Highlights of the Aerospace Components manufacturer in Spain for Sale

The company has acknowledge prestige and specific experience in the industry beside of a huge prospection for increase clients, products and services in a growing and more demanding market.  Here are some highlights of this company for sale:

  • Machinery with state-of-the-art technology (5 axes).
  • Top-level clients, suppliers of AIRBUS DEFENCE and BOEING.
  • Expertise in the AEROSPACE, MILITAR, SATELLITES sectors.
  • High qualified and engaged team.
  • Revenue over 25%.
  • Potential for doubling production.
  • Opportunity for vertical and horizontal integration.
  • Flexibility and adaptability in the production lines.
  • Asking price: 2,3 of Business Value. 

Information about the Aerospace Components manufacturer in Spain for Sale

Feel free to contact us for more information regarding this Aerospace components manufacturer in Spain looking for investors in their company. Thanks to our expertise in the industry, we know dozens of manufacturers available for sale. If this company for sale in Europe does not fit your requirements, feel free to ask for other manufacturing companies for sale You can also check other companies for sale located in Europe, to do so visit the section  manufacturing companies wanted

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