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Aeronautics manufacturer Spain for sale

Company for sale 

  • Sales: 2.6m Euro average
  • Location: Northern Spain
  • Employees: >25
  • Asking price: Initial minority purchase <50% of shares ( discretional option of gradual purchase); Majority purchase of >50% subject to permanence, no competition, guarantee agreements, etc; Combined purchase of shares and capital acquisition of around 80%-90%
  • Reason for sale: To find industrial group support for lead the growth
  • #CFIE SPS018

Overview of the aeronautics manufacturer for sale in Spain 

This company for sale was founded in Spain early this century and has grown and expanded into extremely demanding areas from a technological point of view such as the Aeronautics, Automobile and Industrial sectors.
The company provides a wide range of products capable of meeting the most demanding needs of their customers in several lines of business. The control of the entire production process, a highly qualified workforce and the continuous monitoring of new technologies have resulted in the company becoming a benchmark in the sector in only 20 years.

Profile (strategy) of the aeronautics manufacturer for sale in Spain 

The company is dedicated to the high- value machining of parts for numerous sector, with aeronautics being the flagship sector. The aeronautical parts are most structural, although the company has just begun working with engine parts.
The range of products provided by the company is subject to total quality control, from the management of the raw material to the delivery of the product.  They also have special training for the machining of complex materials such titanium, Inconel, Ph. Etc.

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Activities, products and services of the aeronautics manufacturer for sale in Spain 

The company works in accordance of the following stages for all its products and services:
  • Reception and inspection of raw materials
  • Manufacture
  • Inspection/quality
  • Logistics
In order to satisfy the demand of a continuously evolving market, this company engages they very qualified team, providing its clients with the techniques and solutions best suited to their needs. 

Highlights of the aeronautics manufacturer for sale in Spain 

The company has acknowledge prestige and specific experience in the industry beside of a huge prospection for increase clients, products and services in a growing and more demanding market.  Here are some highlights of this company for sale:
  • Machinery with state-of-the-art technology (5 axes).
  • Top-level clients, suppliers of AIRBUS and BOEING.
  • High qualified and engaged team.
  • Revenue over 25%.
  • Potential for doubling production.
  • Opportunity for vertical and horizontal integration.
  • Flexibility and adaptability in the production lines.
  • Possible different options: Minority purchase; Majority purchase; combination of share purchase vs capital increase, etc.

Information about this aeronautics manufacturer for sale in Spain

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