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ADR Logistics Company for sale in Southern Europe

ADR Logistics Company for sale in Southern Europe

  • Size: medium-sized
  • Revenue: EUR 5-10M
  • EBITDA: up to 10% of revenue
  • Valuation (Enterprise): > EUR 4M
  • Established: Around 10 years ago
  • Location of the ADR Logistics Company: Southern Europe
  • Reason for sale: The owner wants to sell the company in order to focus on other (personal) activities
  • #CFIE TRS175

Overview of the ADR Logistics Company for sale in Southern Europe

The owner of an ADR Logistics company is planning to sell his business in order to focus on personal projects. Hence, he is looking for a strategic buyer who is interested to take over the business. This company could fit buyers who are active in ADR logistics or transport across Europe and would like to enter, or increase their presence in, Southern Europe with a proven ADR logistics business. The company is fully licensed and offers integrated ADR Logistics services. The company is active in goods storage, value added services, order management and local distribution in the country where it operates.

Profile (strategy) for the ADR Logistics Company for sale in Southern Europe

The company for sale, based in Southern Europe, is an integrated ADR Logistics company with a diversified portfolio of ADR Logistics solutions. The company was created ten years ago and started its activity the year after with a few workers. The ADR specialists achieved double digit growth in 2010 untill 2013, when the country was in full crisis. By the end of 2013 the turnover exceeded 5 million €. In the same year the company opened its own delegation in another main city with a Chemical Products Warehouse (ADR) that is specialized in the subsector of animal and human nutrition. As of that moment and continuing with the growth plans the company markets and operates two specialized facilities, one for ADR and one for animal and human nutrition. Soon after that the company addresses new market niches within the chemical sector such as perfumery, nutrition or animal feed. 

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Activities and products for the ADR Logistics Company for sale in Southern Europe

The company for sale provides a wide range of integrated ADR Logistics solutions such as: 
  • Handling: stocking, picking, packing
  • Warehousing: Many ADR related activities
  • Transport: Domestic and local ADR distribution via connected external parties (domestic delivery of chemical goods)
The company does not have its own fleet, but has entered into agreements with local distributors.

Highlights of the ADR Logistics Company for sale in Southern Europe

  • The company has many chemical licences like the registration of Industry No. 3070
  • High quality, long term, contracts with large European chemical companies
  • The company provides integrated ADR Logistics solutions such as shipping, warehousing and supply chain management
  • The company operate in Southern Europe and has a strong position in the domestic and regional markets
  • The owner is planning to sell the company in order to focus on other personal projects after a good handover to the new buyer
  • The company will provide many synergies for a strategic buyer that has similar clients
  • The company will have a strong cash going forward
  • This company would fit buyers who would like to serve chemical companies in ADR all across Europe. This would give such a buyer a direct presence (or increase their presence) in Southern Europe

Information about this ADR Logistics Company for sale in Southern Europe

Feel free to contact us for more information regarding this ADR Logistics company in Southern Europe. If this ADR Logistics company for sale in Southern Europe does not fit your requirements feel free to ask for other ADR Logistics companies for sale in the section transportation companies for sale. If you are interested in ADR Logistics companies to buy please visit the section transportation companies wanted.

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