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IP exchange company in Eastern Europe for sale

IP exchange company for sale 

IT or ICT business for sale

  • Size: start-up
  • Revenue: < 1M Euro
  • Employees: 60
  • Location of the IP exchange company: Eastern Europe
  • Reason for sale: The owners are looking for interested investors that want to buy shares and launch the business  
  • #CFIE ITS150

Overview for the IP exchange company for sale in Eastern Europe

The owners of an IP exchange company in Eastern Europe present an early stage company that is looking for capital to develop and launch the product offering. Therefore, the management would be interested to talk with strategic investors that are interested to invest in this revolutionary project that has much market potential. The potential buyer could be individual investors or a company that has a large data base with IPs and is willing to make money through sharing them to users from around the world. The company has already millions of Euro invested but needs more funds in order to support the launching of the business. Also, a company with synergy in the industry of blockchain technology or machine learning could be a good fit. The owners are open for multiple options.

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Profile (strategy) for the IP exchange company for sale in Eastern Europe

The company is a start-up and has engaged many resources for developing this idea. The concept, which is based on blockchain technology, will be used for providing an open and free marketplace for users that want to make money by sharing unused Internet Protocol addresses from worldwide. The platform connects those with needs of data from IPs with those who have that necessary data in their IPs. The interested parties will be allowed to share the IP addresses of their devices in order to gain real time exchangeable IP sharing tokens in a safe way. The user will be able to install an application on his device and the sharing of the IP will be registered on the platform very quickly and will be right away at the disposal of other users. The platform allows also the renting of IPs and, in the case of a data center, there could be shared a full range of unused IPs.
The blockchain based system is fully automated, decentralized for maximum fluency, with a complete compensation of utility tokens that associate the price formed as a consequence of meeting the offer and the demand for IPs. Not to mention the security and the stability of the platform is guaranteed through the blockchain technology. IP addresses are valuable assets and data is the new resource in our times and through this platform data it will become more accessible to everyone. The platform will allow direct payments between requestors and providers of IPs. For these services, the company will charge a fee for all the transactions. 
The platform is combined with flexible tools such as SDKs and APIs. If at the first level the platform will permit users to exchange their IPs, at the second level will create a global marketplace for IPs. It will help entrepreneurs such as providers of VPN, Data Mining software services and web crawling bots microtasks to develop new applications that need large volume of IPs. A VPN provider for example will be able to integrate his system with the company's system to allow clients choose from many IPs around the world. Devices that can be used to share on the platform are phone, tablet, laptop, desktop and data center.

Activities and products for the IP exchange company for sale in Eastern Europe

The company helps its clients with the following services:
  • Data Sharing
  • IPs Exchange
  • Advanced Integration
  • Applications Development Environment
  • Big Data

Highlights for the IP exchange company for sale in Eastern Europe

  • The company is an important player on the market of data sharing 
  • The company uses blockchain technology to allow IPs exchanges
  • The owners are looking for investors to launch and expand the business

Information for the IP exchange company for sale in Eastern Europe

Feel free to contact us for more information regarding this IP exchange company for sale. If this IP exchange company does not fit your requirements, feel free to ask for other software companies for sale. If you are interested in buyers of software companies please visit the section software companies wanted.

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