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Business case sale of an insurance brokerage company

  Sale of an insurance brokerage company

  • The company sold is an insurance brokerage company located in the United Kingdom
  • The seller has more than 20 mio € revenue
  • The buyer is a global company active in insurance brokerage
  • CFIE business sale input: The CFIE M&A team member helped in finding the right insurance buyer. Peter Droussiotis achieved a top level valuation for the seller and supported the insurance company all across the business sale process.

Overview business sale in insurance brokerage

Here you find a description of a business sale of an insurance brokerage company located in the United Kingdom. The insurance brokerage company focuses on insurance related services. The CFIE M&A team helped the seller in a business sale to a large US based insurance firm. Find more details on the business sale of an insurance brokerage company below. Peter Droussiotis advised the shareholders of Guernsey-based Heritage Group on the sale of the group’s insurance captive management operations. Peter Droussiotis specialises in the provision of a range of mergers and acquisitions and other strategy and corporate development services to UK and international clients, predominantly in the insurance and financial services sectors.

Strategy US based insurance brokerage firm

The strategy of the US based insurance company is to grow across Europe. The insurance brokerage company focuses on insurance related services. The buyer is an international insurance brokerage and risk management services firm from the United States. The insurance buyer has operations in almost 30 countries and offers client service capabilities in more than 140 countries around the world through a network of correspondent brokers and consultants.
Profile insurance brokerage company United Kingdom
The seller, the insurance firm from the UK, has become a wholly owned subsidiary of the insurance buyer. The insurance broker was established in 1993 and is a captive management company specializing in the formation and management of insurance and alternative risk solutions. The seller will remain to operate from its Guernsey, Malta, Gibraltar and London locations as part of Artex Risk Solutions. The UK insurance broker will continue to focus on its remaining fives specialist businesses:
  • Fund management
  • Administration and depositary business
  • Corporate administration
  • Insurance broking
  • Insurance underwriting
  • Professional support services

Activities of the CFIE M&A team

m&a advisor Peter Droussiotis Peter Droussiotis has advised the shareholders of Guernsey-based Heritage Group on the sale of the group’s insurance captive management operations (“HIM”) to Artex Risk Solutions, A J Gallagher's Bermuda-based captive management and alternative risk programs operation. Peter helped the seller in preparing the relevant business sale documentation. Together with the insurance broker for sale he determined the strategy of how to go to market. During the whole sales process the insurance company was supported and guided to a successful sale that ended in a M&A transaction between both insurance companies.

Highlights of the insurance brokerage business sale

  • Both companies have strong experience in insurance brokerage
  • The seller has a strong position in the United Kingdom. Together with the sales activities of the buyer the position of both companies gets stronger.
  • The United States based buyer can invest further in the development of the insurance services across Europe
  • Together a strong proposition for the global insurance market can be offered

Information about business sales in the insurance industry across Europe

Feel free to contact us for further details about this business sale in the United Kingdom. If you are looking for acquisitions or business sales of insurance brokerage companies in other countries than the United Kingdom it is also good to contact us. We know other available insurance brokerage businesses for sale in Europe or would be able to find the ones that suit you. A phone call is also suitable (+31-6-24629234) if you want to know more about possible other insurance brokerage opportunities.
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