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Sale of a medical communication company

  • The company sold is a medical communication company located in Spain
  • The seller has aprox. 5 mill € revenue in Spain (and  also in Latin America).
  • The buyer is a global company active in medical communication company (pharma consultancy)
  • Lince consulting business sale input: The Lince consulting   M&A team member helped in achieving a top level valuation for the seller. The buyer is aggressively looking for growth of market share in Europe and also in Latin America.

Overview business sale in medical communication company

Here you find a description of a business sale of a medical communication company in Spain. The medical communication company focuses on pharma consultancy, medical publications, symposia, TIC applications, on-line learning, etc … one of the special points about this company is its huge expansion in Latin america, specially in Mexico, Colombia, Brazil and Argentina. The Lince consulting M&A team helped the seller in the business sale to a large French/ Belgium buyer. Find more details on the business sale of a medical communication company below. There is clear benefits for the French/ Belgium Global medical communication company to buy this Spanish medical communication company in order to penetrate in the Latin American countries, due to the fact that there is no language barriers among them.

Strategy French/Belgium medical communication company

The strategy of the French/Belgium MCC (medical communication company) company , Medical and Pharma consultancy, is to grow across Europe, and also around the world. The buyer is a global French/Belgium company that is doing acquisitions on a regular basis. The buyer plans to realize the following synergies out of the acquisition:

  • Expand  themselves in Spain and Portugal relating to Europe.
  • Expand themselves in Mexico, Colombia, Brazil and Argentina relating   latin America
  • They could take advantage of mutual synergies, such us more complex and high tech products such as new mobile app that could be implemented in Spanish and Portuguese for these markets.
  • In Latin America the doctors have a very high life level. They prefer to import research from Spain directly, rather than do it themselves. The language and culture are very important for them.
  • Synergies in know-how: the French/Belgium buyers could implement easily products in Spanish for the Latin American countries.

Profile MCC (medical communication) company Spain

The seller is a MCC in Spain and Portugal with a subsidiaries in Mexico, Colombia, Brazil and Argentina. Nowadays it is leader in this field in Spanish/ Portuguese speaking countries. They are having big expectations of growth specially in Latin America . The seller has revenues of 5m Euro aprox. The company focuses on Medical and Pharma consultancy, giving the Pharma labs the instruments to use their new medical products in hospitals and medical centres .
Doctors in Latin America have a very high level of life, so they do not devote themselves to research. That´s why they prefer to import all these products from a Spanish speaking country, medical mobile app, e-learning, e-books, etc …

Activities of the Lince M&A team

The Lince Consulting M&A team helped the seller in preparing the relevant business sale documentation. The team determined the strategy of how to go to market. It was very important the selection of the target countries, such as UK, France, Germany, USA,Brazil, etc … It is relevant to quote that in the Lince consulting M&A team, we can speak Spanish, French, English, German and Portuguese.
Furthermore, it worked out a plan and strategy to achieve the highest sales price for the seller. An overview was made which buyers to speak to and how to structure the sales process. It was determined to do this via sending a blind teaser to the target companies and approach a selective number of suited acquirers.
Lince consulting helped in approaching the right buyer and brought them together following all the procedures and landmarks in the M&A process such as NDA, LOI, DD, MOU, etc … all the process needed special translator skills, as this operation was always conceived as international from the very first moment.
Both companies realized the combination would make them stronger. CFIE helped the seller in negotiating a good agreement which ended in a M&A transaction between both companies.


Highlights of the MCC (medical communication) company business sale

  • Both companies have strong experience in Medical and Pharma consultancy.
  • The seller has a strong position in both Spain and Portugal, and a big impact and influence in several Latin American countries.
  • The French/Belgian based buyer wants to have a leader position both in Europe and in the rest of the world.
  • Together they can benefit from each other.

Information about business sales in the MCC (medical communication company) across Europe

Feel free to contact us for further details about this business sale in Spain. If you are looking for acquisitions or business sales of Medical or Pharma companies in other countries than Spain or France it is also good to contact us. For more info on M&A in pharmaceuticals please visit mergers and acquisitions in pharmaceuticals.

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