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Sale of a freight forwarder company in Denmark

Sale of a freight forwarder in Denmark

  • The company sold is a forwarder located in Denmark
  • The seller has less than 4 mio € revenue and 8 employees in Denmark
  • The buyer is a company active in freight forwarding located in Denmark
  • The buyer has a turnover of > 20 million euros
  • CFIE business sale input: The CFIE transportation M&A team member in Denmark, Finn Laursen, saw the synergies of both companies and brought them together. Both companies realized the combination would make them stronger and would enable the seller to retire.

Overview business sale in freight forwarding

Here you find a description of a business sale of a freight forwarding company in Denmark. The freight forwarding company focuses on the domestic market. The CFIE M&A transportation team helped the seller in the business sale. Find more details on the business sale of a freight forwarding company below.

Strategy forwarding buyer

Today, Yoyo Global Freight employs 50 employees. They are headquartered in Odense with departments in Aalborg, Copenhagen, Stavanger, Norway and New York. Yoyo Global Freight saw the potential in buying Trans-Air Denmark first and foremost to gain an office in Copenhagen with a skilled team who has been working together for several years and secondly, to expand their own business areas which additionally would add value to their existing customers and partners.

Profile freight forwarding company Denmark

Throughout the years Henrik Nielsen and Finn Laursen had discussed the fact that someday Henrik would end his ongoing career as sole owner and CEO of Trans-Air Denmark A/S in Kastrup, and sell the company. In September 2018 Henrik made an agreement with Finn, to find a possible buyer for the company. Beforehand, Henrik and Finn had acknowledged the values that Henrik found most important in connection with the sale, one of which was that the company would continue to operate from its address in Kastrup, in consideration of the eight loyal employees who had worked for and with Henrik for many years.

Activities of the CFIE M&A team

The CFIE transportation M&A team member in Denmark, Finn Laursen, is active in business sales. Finn Laursen mainly focuses on logistics, freight forwarding, transportation and forwarding companies in Denmark. Finn appointed two companies which he saw as possible buyers, one of which was Yoyo Global Freight in Odense. This was a possibility that Henrik himself hadn’t immediately thought of. During the initial meetings the chemistry flourished between Henrik Nielsen and CEO and partner in Yoyo Global Freight, Kasper Andersen, the two which along with their closest assistants, will collaborate in the conduction of the forthcoming merger. Henrik will continue his work in the company on a consulting basis, to ensure that the customers and the suppliers will follow through the merger. Finn Laursen states: ”It was an unusually quick process which we rarely see in our business of selling and buying transport and logistic companies. First and foremost good chemistry arose fast between buyer and seller, since they both saw the huge potential in a merger. Furthermore, Henrik was from the beginning very open to suggestions and solutions with regards to both the economic situation and his own future.”

Highlights of the freight forwarding business sale

  • Both companies have strong experience in freight forwarding.
  • The seller has a strong position in Denmark. Together with the freight forwarding activities of the buyer the position of the companies in the country gets stronger.
  • The buyer can invest further in the development of the freight forwarding services in Scandinavia.
  • Together a strong proposition for the Danish freight forwarding market can be offered.

Information about business sales in freight forwarding across Europe

Feel free to contact us for further details about this business sale in Denmark. If you are looking for acquisitions or business sales of freight forwarding please visit the section forwarding companies for sale.