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Business case of a management buy out in Ireland

Business sale of a software company in Ireland via a MBO

  • The company for sale is a smaller software company located in Ireland
  • The company sold has revenues of less than 1 mio €
  • The buyer is the management team that acquires the company from the current owner
  • CFIE business sale input: The CFIE M&A team in Ireland helped in the full process of the Management Buy Out. This business sale, via a MBO, is a valuable step for the owner who wanted to go into retirement.

Overview business sale via a MBO (Management Buy-out) in Ireland

The acquired company is active in software development for the transportation industry. The software company has been build up over a period of almost 20 years by the owner. After much hard work the owner of the software company was planning it’s retirement and contacted CFIE.

Strategy owner before the MBO (Management Buy-out) in Ireland

The owner has built up the software company over a long period of time. At the moment the owner wants to go into retirement he contacts CFIE to discuss the various alternatives. Software companies can have a high value and are of interest to international buyers once they have a larger size. For companies with revenues of less than 1m Euro it is mostly difficult to find international buyers. Hence, an interesting route can be the sale to the current management via a MBO.

Activities of the CFIE M&A team in the MBO (Management Buy-out) in Ireland

The CFIE team sat down with the owner and described the normal steps in a MBO. The CFIE people have large experience in MBO’s and help in the full process like deal structuring, negotiations, preparing contracts, etc. Dermot Grant helped the owner in all the relevant steps of the MBO process.

Highlights of the management buy-out in Ireland

  • High quality software company for the transportation industry in Ireland
  • The management of the software company was interested in acquiring the shares of the company
  • The company can grow further with fresh ideas of the experienced new owners
  • The owner can be ensured that his company is in the hands of people that know the business and have been active there for many years

Information about the MBO process (Management Buy-out)

Feel free to contact us for further details about this proves of a business sale via a Management Buy-out. If you are looking for a business sale via a of a Management Buy-out it is good to visit the page https://www.corporatefinanceineurope.eu/mbo-management-buy-out-europe.htm to get some more information. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us to discuss the sale of your company via a Management Buy-out.