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Business sale of an IT consultancy company

Business sale of an ICT consultancy company

  • The company for sale is a medium sized IT consultancy company located in the Denmark
  • The company sold has registered revenues of more than 100M Euro
  • The buyer is a private equity group that has a strategy to acquire small and middle sized companies that have growth and development potential, companies that are active in diverse sectors
  • CFIE business buy input: The CFIE IT M&A team helped the buyer in all activities related to the deal, activities such as research, market insight, identifying the right targets and meetings with potential sellers

Overview business sale of an IT consultancy company

The acquired company is a leading IT consultancy entity that is active mostly in the Nordics. Over the las 10 years the company demonstrated high profitability generating an average annual growth of more than 20% through its activities and services present several European countries. The company has more than 500 employees that are professional consultants with competencies in diverse areas such as project management, testing, app & web developing, scrum mastering, UK design, databases administrating and infrastructure consultancy.

Due to its national and international network of business and IT consultants the company is able to provide the most suited consultant for industries such as finance, energy, transport & logistics, telecommunications & IT. Every consultant has the right skills and industry-relevant experience to manage the complexity of any project. The company delivers the following services: consultancy (Business and IT), administration of consultants, IT development nearshoring, management service and quality assurance. The company has a rapid growth rate and needed more funds and resources to fulfil its potential. The buyer offered the necessary cash resources and our team of M&A advisors recognized the compatibility between the two entities and made this deal possible.

Strategy ICT services buyer

The buyer is a private equity company investing in small and mid-sized companies, it has a long history in M&A deals and has experience in various industries and services. The focus is on organizations with international reach and with high potential for growth and the goal is to grow these companies and to make them better in their fields. By making operational, strategic and financial changes the buyer is able to apply a development model and to execute a business plan that help in reaching its portfolio's potential.

Activities of the CFIE M&A team in the support of the business sale of the IT consultancy company

Based on a buy-side mandate, Jens Waldorff helped the acquirer in the full process of the business acquisition. He was responsible with market research and analysis, initiating contacts and conveying the buyer’s strategy to the target company’s management. Based on the profile of the desired company, the CFIE team was able to identify suited targets. The team has good contacts in Denmark and understood the synergy between the two companies and the opportunity to form a strong partnership that would drive a faster development.

Highlights of the ICT services business sale

  • Both companies are active in Denmark and can exchange know-how and experience in the IT consultancy services market
  • The buyer company has a large portfolio of companies
  • The buyer has a long history of M&A acquisitions and through its support it brings it can help the IT consultancy company to grow faster and to reach its potential
  • The CFIE’s M&A team helped in sourcing the deal

Information about business sales in the IT consultancy industry

Feel free to contact us for further details about this IT consultancy business sale. If you are looking for a business sale of an IT consultancy company it is also good to contact us. We know many available IT consultancy buyers and would be able to bring the ones that suit you. Please get in touch via the contact form at the right side of this page so we can explain how we can help you in the area of IT consultancy business sales or acquisitions.