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Business case M&A deal internet marketing

Acquisition of an Internet affiliate marketing company

Revenue ('10): 12M €
Reason for Sale: Change of strategic shareholder of an Internet marketing company
Location target: United Kingdom
Location acquirer: Netherlands

Overview m&a deal

The company is a leading internet affiliate marketing that wanted to change an existing shareholder by selling part of the shares of the company. Corporate Finance in Europe acted as advisor for this internet affiliate marketing company.

Highlights of the Acquisition

  • Strong in Internet marketing
  • Advanced concepts in the area of affiliate marketing
  • Fast growing

About Corporate Finance in Europe

Corporate Finance in Europe is an European M&A firm that provides corporate finance services to European companies. Corporate Finance in Europe is mainly active in European cross border M&A transactions. Corporate Finance in Europe assists European business owners sell their companies to international buyers to offer them the best deal possible. Thanks to our team's background we are able to find the most suitable acquirers for IT or Internet companies in Europe.

Feel free to contact us for more details about this m&a deal. If you have strategic m&a plans the following pages can provide you with usefull information;