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Business case acquisition of a German specialist company in assembly, relocation and engineering of production equipment

Acquisition of a German specialist company in electrical and mechanical process systems

  • The company acquired is a German specialist company in assembly, relocation and engineering of production equipment
  • The target company is located in Germany with three additional locations abroad
  • The acquired company has revenues of approx. 10 mio €
  • The buyer is a fast growing mid-sized holding company deploying a buy-and-build strategy in the industrial services industry
  • CFIE business acquisition input: The CFIE M&A team member helped in deal sourcing

Overview business acquisition

Here you find a description of a business acquisition of an engineering company in Germany. The target company was formed some 15 years ago from the engineering department of an American engineering company in view of the rapidly growing demand for industrial services such as the planning, relocation and installation of plants. With the establishment of subsidiaries and subsidiaries in the Middle-East and Africa, the target company opened the strategically important market "Middle East & Africa" (MEA) in 2014. Today, the target company has around 100 employees and specializes in the design, planning, relocation, installation and modernization of high-end production facilities and offers its customers worldwide services
The CFIE M&A team helped the acquirer in sourcing this deal through market research and analysis, initiating contacts and conveying the buyer’s strategy to the target company’s shareholders. Find more details below.

Strategy Industrial Services company

The market for industrial services is rapidly changing. The buyer’s aim is to create a leading “Mittelstand”-Champion in this industry over the coming years. To do so, it strives to unite excellent businesses and respond to the trends and forces that will shape the industry in the future. The buyer focusses on high-end technical services that are crucial to the performance of an industry. It intends to bundle its resources in specific subsectors to provide its customers with industry leading services in the German speaking countries.

Activities of the CFIE M&A team

Frits Verheesen helped the acquirer based on a buy-side mandate in sourcing this deal. Through desktop research, market insight and personal meetings, the target company was identified and discussed with the acquirer. The initial contact with the target company was through Frits Verheesen who sold the target company’s shareholders on the acquirer’s strategy.

Information about business sales and acquisitions in the services industry across Europe

Feel free to contact us for further details about this business acquisition in Germany. If you are looking for acquisitions or business sales of service companies in other countries than Germany it is also good to contact us. We know other available targets as well as investors/buyers in Europe or would be able to find the ones that suit you. A phone call is also suitable (+31-6-24629234) if you want to know more about possible other manufacturing opportunities.