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Business case M&A transaction in freight forwarding

Acquisition of Courcan Cargo India Pvt Ltd by Broekman Group BV. M&A deal in the Transportation / Freight Forwarding industry

Revenue ('07): 1,7M US$
Employees: 90
Reason for Sale: Retirement owner
Location: India (9 offices)

Deal Overview

Courcan Cargo India Pvt is a transportation/freight forwarding company located in India. When the business owner, Sam Thaker, decided to sell his company he approached Corporate Finance in Europe. Corporate Finance in Europe spoke to various European transportation companies wanting to buy a business in India in order to gain market presence in Asia. The management of Broekman Group showed to be a good partner for Courcan and the M&A transaction between these 2 companies has been successful since. Sam Thaker has stayed on as a business consultant to the company for quite some more time. Sam Thaker has been very pleased in the way Corporate Finance in Europe helped him to sell his business. Corporate Finance in Europe acted as advisor for Courcan Cargo India Pvt in this M&A transaction in India and the Netherlands.

Investment Highlights

  • Good relationship with Asian customers
  • Local, Indian, services to customers
  • Fast growing
  • Growing an international network

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