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Business case M&A deal Austrian food manufacturing company

Sale of a food manufacturing company

  • The company sold is a food manufacturing company located in Austria
  • The seller has more than 60 mio € revenue in Austria
  • The buyer is a global company active in food manufacturing (crisps and other related potato products)
  • CFIE business sale input: The CFIE M&A team member helped in achieving a top level valuation for the seller. The buyer is aggressively looking for growth of market share in Europe

Overview business sale in food manufacturing

Here you find a description of a business sale of a food manufacturing company in Austria. The food manufacturing company focuses on potato related products. The CFIE M&A team helped the seller in the business sale to a large German buyer. Find more details on the business sale of a food manufacturing company below. The Austrian Antitrust Commission has approved the acquisition of Kelly G.m.b.H. by Intersnack Knabber-Geback GmbH & Co KG. There is clear domestic economic benefits for the country Austria to act as a manufacturing location for the food industry.


Strategy German food manufacturing company

The strategy of the German manufacturing company for the food (potato products) industry is to grow across Europe. The buyer is a German company that is doing acquisitions on a regular basis. The buyer plans to realize the following synergies out of the acquisition:
  • Expand the production and logistics site in Austria to optimize production and logistics of raw material
  • Kelly works take over parts of the production of Intersnack products in Germany and abroad
  • Raw materials can be send from Austria to Hungary and the Czech Republic
  • The chips factory in Bosnia can become the south-eastern -Europe hub for manufacturing
  • Synergies in facilities & know-how: Light-Palette products can be produced in Austria through synergies with German buyer

Profile food manufacturing company Austria

The seller is a manufacturer of food related products in Austria with a specialization in potato related products. The logistic centre of the seller in Vienna becomes a hub for the Snack activities in the region. In the end all the brands of the buyer ( Pom-bar, Goldfischli, Funny-Frisch and CHIO) will be delivered regionally via the logistics centre of the seller. The seller has revenues of over 60m Euro. The company has two food manufacturing factories in Austria and one in Bosnia. The factory in Bosnia will be used as the south-eastern Europe hub. This factory will combine their nut snacks businesses and take over the existing production and the "Chio" Chips-product. The production capacity has been increased capacity to 1,500 metric tons per year.

Activities of the CFIE M&A team

m&a advisor Winfried Weigel The CFIE M&A team helped the seller in preparing the relevant business sale documentation. The team determined the strategy of how to go to market. Further, it worked out a plan and strategy to achieve the highest sales price for the seller. An overview was made which buyers to speak to and how to structure the sales process. It was determined to do this via an auction and approach a selective number of suited acquirers. Winfried Weigel helped in approaching the right buyer and brought them together. Both companies realized the combination would make them stronger. Winfried helped the seller in negotiating a good agreement which ended in a M&A transaction between both companies.

Highlights of the food manufacturing business sale

  • Both companies have strong experience in manufacturing and logistics for the food industry
  • The seller has a strong position in Austria. Together with the sales activities of the buyer in Austria the position of the companies in the country gets stronger.
  • The German based buyer can invest further in the development of the distribution services in South East Europe
  • Together a strong proposition for the regional food (chips and other potato products) market can be offered

Information about business sales in the manufacturing industry across Europe

Feel free to contact us for further details about this business sale in Austria. If you are looking for acquisitions or business sales of food manufacturing companies in other countries than German or Austria it is also good to contact us. We know other available food manufacturing businesses for sale in Europe or would be able to find the ones that suit you.

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