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Business sale of a chemical distribution company

Business sale of a chemical distribution company

  • The company for sale is a medium sized chemical distribution company located in Australia
  • The company sold has revenues of more than 15 mio €
  • The buyer is a chemical group that acquires chemical related companies
  • CFIE business sale input: The CFIE M&A team members helped in sourcing a list of the most suited acquirers. This business sale is a valuable step for the owners who wanted to go into retirement.

Overview business sale of a chemical distribution company

The acquired company focusses on chemical distribution of both speciality as well as commodity products. The chemical distribution company has been build up over a period of almost 20 years by the owners. After much hard work the owners of the chemical distribution company were planning their retirement.

Strategy chemical distribution buyer

The buyer is a large-sized local chemical group that wants to grow via acquisitions. The buyer focuses on master batches and specialties businesses in both Australia and New Zealand. The synergies are in four market segments that include water treatment, soil remediation, energy and utilities, and pulp and paper. Further, there is a strong cultural alignment between the two companies.

Activities of the CFIE M&A team in the support of the business sale of the chemical distribution company

The CFIE chemical distribution M&A team helped the chemical distribution seller in sourcing suited buyers globally. Based on the profile of the chemical distribution company chemical buyers with limited or no principal issues were identified. The slight focus on chemical commodity products made that the buyers list was oriented in that direction.
The CFIE chemical distribution M&A team has a good direct contact to chemical distribution business buyers and can support sellers in a business sale of chemical distribution companies. Peter Schouten and Govert Derks have scouted the target chemical distribution buyers. After initiating the talks and negotiations between the chemical distribution target company and the acquirers the local buyer had the highest appetite and the best cultural fit.

Highlights of the chemical distribution business sale

  • Both companies are active in Australia and can enjoy synergies in the field of costs like sharing offices, etc.
  • The management of the chemical distribution company can leave after a period of transition.
  • The chemical buyer can invest further in the growth of the chemical distribution company.
  • The group companies can offer additional services to the new customers of both companies.
  • The clients benefit from getting continued and guaranteed long term support for their chemical distribution requirements.

Information about business sales and business sales in the chemical distribution industry

Feel free to contact us for further details about this chemical distribution business sale. If you are looking for a business sale of a chemical distribution company it is also good to contact us. We know many available chemical distribution buyers and would be able to bring the ones that suit you. Please get in touch via the contact form at the right side of this page so we can explain how we can help you in the area of chemical distribution business sales or acquisitions.