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Business case of a sale of a Airport Services Company

M&A advisor Roman Jeras

Business sale of a Airport Services Company
Industry: Airport Services

  • The company for sale is a small airport services company located in main Slovenian airport – Ljubljana Airport.
  • The company sold had value of 1 mio €
  • The buyer is an Global Airport Company with over 2,5 bn EUR revenues, that acquires Airport Service companies and related companies
  • CFIE business sale input: The CFIE M&A team members helped in sourcing a list of the most suited acquirers. This business sale is a valuable step for the owners who were looking for buyer of their business with highest value.

Overview business sale of a Airport Service Company

The company that was sold focused on Airport Services in Ljubljana Airport, their clients were private owners of the small aircrafts, that wanted to park their aeroplanes, service them and also use related services. Company biggest asset was air hangar, that had direct access to the Ljubljana Airport Apron, and at the same time only private land on entire Ljubljana Airport.

Strategy Airport Services Company buyer

The buyer is one of the largest global Airport operators, with over EUR 2,5 bn revenues, quoted on Stock Exchange, that wants to grow organically and also via acquisitions. The buyer focuses on various types of Airports and Airport Services players. Fraport Group has more than 35 affiliates over 3 continents. The synergies between the companies are in several aspects of offering to their clients best local services on Ljubljana Airport.

Activities of the CFIE M&A team in the support of the business sale of the VIP company

The CFIE Industrial M&A team helped the Airport Services Company sellers in sourcing suited buyers globally. Based on the profile of the target company, potential buyers with limited or no principal issues were identified. The focus of the company on local market made that the buyers list was oriented in direction of the interested local players.

The CFIE Industrial M&A team has a good direct contact to various Airport Services buyers and can support sellers in a business sale of Airport Services Companies. Roman Jeras has scouted the target buyers. After initiating the talks and negotiations between the Airport Services Company the Germany Buyer had the highest appetite and the best cultural fit.

Highlights of the Airport Services Company

  • Both companies are active in Ljubljana Airport, however with focus on different segments and markets- no conflicts on the market from this perspective.
  • In the process of offering to their clients complete Airport Services solutions, companies can source each other with different special items.
  • The buyer can make additional Real Estate Develpments on the land of Airport Services Company .
  • The clients benefit from getting continued and guaranteed long term services for their requirements.

Information about business sales and business sales in the Airport Services Company

Feel free to contact us for further details about this Airport Services Company. If you are looking for a business sale of a Airport Services company it is also good to contact us. We know many available Airport Service buyers and would be able to bring the ones that suit you. Please get in touch via the contact form at the right side of this page so we can explain how we can help you in the area of Airport Services business sales or acquisitions. For more info on M&A in services please visit mergers and acquisitions in services. For services companies for sale please visit the page services companies for sale. For services buyers please visit the page services companies wanted