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Acquisition PING LCC (United States) by NSC Global (United Kingdom)

  • Revenue (’10): <10 million USD
  • Reason for Sale: Strategic acquisition of IT managed services
  • Location target: United States (New York)
  • Location acquirer: United Kingdom

Deal Overview

PING LCC is an IT networking and managed services company located in the United States (New York). NSC Global Limited is an IT networking company located in the UK (London). NSC Global intends to leverage its global relations via these acquisitions. NSC Global has an intensive focus on Cisco products and services. Corporate Finance in Europe acted as an adviser for NSC Global in this IT M&A transaction in the US.


Investment Highlights

  • Strong complementary services
  • Local services to customers
  • Fast-growing
  • Extended national reach to global

About Corporate Finance in Europe

Corporate Finance in Europe is a European M&A firm that provides corporate finance services to European companies. Corporate Finance in Europe is mainly active in European cross-border M&A transactions. Corporate Finance in Europe assists European business owners to sell their companies to international buyers to offer them the best deal possible. Thanks to our team’s background we are able to find the most suitable acquirers in Europe as well as in the USA.

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