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Buyer for water industry valves manufacturer in Europe

Company to buy

  • Size: Medium size
  • Revenue: 3-10 m
  • EBITDA: approx. EUR x%
  • Location of the water industry valves Manufacturer: South Africa·     
  •  Reason for acquisition: The management is expanding the business  across Europe
  • #CFIE MAB051

Overview of the buyer for water industry valves manufacturer in Europe

The management of this water industry valves manufacturer is expanding the business across Europe and is looking for synergies, which operate in the same sector. The management is interested in companies based in Europe.

The buyer manufactures different valves that handle different types of fluids in different applications, and have over the years developed quality valves that have lasted many years without services.

The buyer also work closely with its clients to develop and manufacture valves that suit their application:

  • Repair and reconditioning of valves : refurbish old valves that have been installed in various sites around the country (Valves of all types, makes and sizes are accepted for superior reconditioning and servicing )

  • Installation of valves and allied equipment: Site installation of valves and allied equipment is as a result of the specialist nature and risks associated with inferior installation. The company therefore prefer to install its valves and allied equipment and it guarantee its workmanship.

  • Assistance to solve valve problems in the industry.
  • Valve Training to clients.
  • Engineering Assistance and advice.

Profile (strategy) of the buyer for water industry valves manufacturer in Europe

The buyer is the foremost manufacturer and supplier of various types of valves for the water industry and for treatment plants. Most treatment plants and dams in its country use their valves. The company have been manufacturing valves for the industry for many years, and provide valves for various applications within the water sector including desalination and dry docks. The management is looking for Europe-based target companies which operate in the same sector and which could support the buyer in its business expansion across Europe.

Contact this buyer of a water industry valves manufacturer

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Activities and products 

The buyer manufactures and suppliers offer an extensive range of water valves including resilient seal gate, hydrant, butterfly, gate, reflux, ring needle, sleeve-type dispersion and ball valves. This Company is an ISO 9001: 2000 listed company and where applicable, its valves bear the SABS mark.

The management is looking for companies with a strong expertise in manufacturing water industry valves and geographically, is open to any of the European countries.

Highlights for the buyer for water industry valves manufacturer in Europe

  • The buyer is a manufacturing company of high-quality valves
  • The buyer is predominately focused on manufacturing water industry valves.
  • The management is planning to expand the business across Europe and is looking for companies that manufactures API valves and have a strong refurbishment expertise.
  • The management is interested in companies based in Europe

Information about this buyer for water industry valves manufacturer in Europe

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