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Pharmaceutical warehousing company wanted

Transportation company to buy wanted

Company to buy

  • Sales: 2m to 50m Euro
  • Location: Europe
  • Employees: 10 to 200
  • Reason for acquisition: The buyer is very focused on transportation and warehousing in the pharmaceutical industry and wants to provide pharmaceutical warehousing and transportation services across Europe to its customers
  • #CFIE T0187

Overview warehousing company

An European transportation, logistics and warehousing company with a focus on the pharmaceutical industry wants to expand out of its core countries and build up a similar position across Europe. It is currently strong in FTL and groupage deliveries across Europe for the pharmaceutical industry. Now it is looking to buy a medium or larger sized pharmaceutical warehousing company in Europe to serve its customer base. Preferably the management is strong and wants to continue growing the company in a larger structure.

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Strategy of pharmaceutical warehousing buyer

The company is active in road transportation, logistics and warehousing. The company has a large warehousing network for chemical, ADR and pharmaceutical clients. The company is interested in buying a transportation company in Europe that has strong warehousing capabilities and a focus on the pharmaceutical industry. The buyer wants a full ownership (preferably 100%).

Ideal profile of warehousing company to be acquired

The focus should be on warehousing and logistics in the pharmaceutical industry. Distribution is of a high interest if in the cold/ temperature controlled area. The business to be acquired can be a purely transportation company stand-alone with a focus on pharmaceutical distribution. It can also be combined with logistics and pharmaceutical warehousing. LTL transport is preferred. The company for sale can have some own trucks.


The company has a lot of experience in the pharmaceutical industry and serves many customers across Europe. It wants to extend this business model to further new locations in Europe.


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