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Warehousing Forwarder in Germany Wanted

Warehousing forwarder company in Germany wanted

•    Size: small sized business
•    Revenue: < 10m EUR
•    Location of the company wanted: Germany
•    Reason for acquisition: the buyer wants to strengthen its operations in Europe
•    #CFIE TRB026

Overview of the buyer of warehousing forwarder in Germany

The management of an international freight forwarding company is expanding its business and is looking for promising freight forwarding company in Central Europe to optimize and add value its intercontinental operations. The buyer is well developed company with regular and increasing cargo traffic; the company provides all inclusive freight forwarding services around the globe, acting together within its wide network of agents and local freight forwarders. As outcome of successful performance the company has reached the point establish and settle in Central Europe in order to optimize and perfect its operations in intercontinental carriage of cargo.

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Profile (strategy) of the buyer of warehousing forwarder in Germany

The buyer is proficient in managing supply chains of various industries, its efficient solutions and experience allows serving large corporation who are trading goods worldwide and easily adapts to customer requirements and successfully handles even most challenging shipments around the world. Based on increasing demand on specialized shipments moving to and from Europe, company’s management plans to acquire existing freight forwarding business in central Europe in order to provide more flexible logistic solutions to its customers.  

Activities and products of warehousing forwarder in Germany wanted

Based on strategy of the buyer company, management is looking for medium sized freight forwarder company, which is highly proficient in handling time sensitive, high volume and arduous shipments; the company wanted is desired be experience in warehousing perform smooth logistic operations when its required.  The company with up to 100 employees will be considered to acquire and should be strategically located in Central Europe, respectively in Germany, but nearby countries will also be considered. The buyer prefers to sync with a company possessing minimum assets and which is exceptionally strong in traditional freight forwarding.  

Highlights of the buyer and warehousing forwarder in Germany wanted

•    The buyer represents an international company located overseas
•    The buyer is well established in international transport industry
•    A German based company is wanted
•    Company wanted with personnel around up to 100 employees
•    A low asset freight forwarding business is more suitable
•    Company wanted with potential to purposefully merge with the buyer’s capabilities

Information of the buyer and warehousing forwarder in Germany wanted

Feel free to contact us for more information regarding this warehousing forwarder in Germany wanted or if you know possible interested or suited parties. For more buyers of forwarding companies please visit the section freight forwarding companies wanted. To check available forwarding companies for sale please visit the section freight forwarding companies for sale.

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