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Kitchen, bathroom or office furniture manufacturing business to buy wanted

Profile of kitchen bathroom or office manufacturer to buy wanted

CFIE S0277

The company that our client is looking to buy must be a manufacturer of kitchen, bathroom or office furniture with revenue between 5 and 20 million. For the company that it plans to buy our client is willing to pay 4 to 6 times EBITDA. The location of the company that is for sale should preferably be in and around London in the case of UK and in the Northwest or Southeast area (eg Lyon) in the case of France.

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At least 70% of its products are intended for furniture and equipment, a wide assortment. The company to buy should be a classic, modern,  rustic or Provencal furniture manufacturer. Preferably the company should sell via hardware, stores or DIY. The company to buy should have a small business network but with a minimum of 5 commercial employees and have at least 200 clients in its portfolio.

Objectives and synergies from company to buy

Our client aims to achieve the following synergies from the purchase:

  • Exercise direct purchases for its own domestic sales.
  • Increase the profitability and productivity of the acquired company and cooperate in the management of the company.
  • To develop the business model in the medium term.
  • Increase the purchasing power of the company by joint purchases.

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