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Forwarding business to buy wanted

Transportation company to buy wanted

Profile of freight forwarder to buy wanted


The company that our client is looking to buy must be a forwarding company with revenue of 10 million Euro or more. The location of the company that is for sale should preferably be in Eastern Europe (Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Slovenia, Turkey). The company should have appropriate operational facilities of about 20.000 square meters in a business and traffic convenient area.

The buyer has currently more than 500 million revenue and wants to expand it`s business with subsidiaries in Eastern Europe. The company is looking for targets with activity in fashion, automotive and high tech.

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Objectives and synergies from forwarding company to buy

Our client aims to achieve the following synergies from the purchase:

  • New client base for its high quality global delivery platform.
  • Increase the profitability and productivity of the acquired company and cooperate in the management of the company.
  • Provide it’s current client base with local delivery and high quality additional services.
  • Leverage its exposure to different currencies and economic circumstances.
  • The business wanted should be located in Eastern Europe (Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia and Turkey).

If your forwarding company fits the requirements for the business to buy wanted you can contact us by email or phone to discuss a possible acquisition.

If your company does not fit the requirements feel free to contact us to discuss a possible sell-side mandate or find out more in M&A in forwarding and logistics