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Chemical manufacturing business to buy wanted

Chemicals company to buy wanted

Company to buy wanted


A mid-sized chemical company located in Europe is looking to acquire a niche additives business, probably with little opportunity for volume growth, but by virtue of the competitive dynamic, with significant untapped potential for pricing growth from the existing customer base. Could be a business line within a large multinational looking to find a new home.

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Main criteria manufacturing company:

  • Product line rather than a complete manufacturing business with people and fixed assets.
  • Within the tyres, rubber, coatings, adhesives industries.
  • Preferably an existing business line within a niche application within the above industries.
  • Business not requiring high levels of regulatory or technical support.
  • Preferably a global business with fragmented customer base, but with blue chip customers if possible.
  • Manufacturing location is less important.

Requirements businesses to buy

  • Valuation up to max 10m euro
  • Location; Europe
  • Chemical production

If your chemical business fits the requirements for the business to buy wanted you can contact us by email or phone to discuss a possible acquisition.

If your company does not fit the requirements you can contact us to discuss a possible sell-side mandate or find out more in sell or buy a business in chemicals