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Buyer for tunnelling company

TUNNELLING company to buy

  • The sales of the TUNNELLING company to buy should be between 5m and 10m Euro
  • The location can be anywhere in Europe
  • Investment amount between 3 and 5m Euro (can be more for a suited company)
  • The tunnelling construction company should preferably have large experience in tunnelling
  • #CFIE U006
  • Reason for acquisition: The buyer is a large international construction firm that has a new tunnelling project. Hence, it wants to acquire further tunnelling construction knowledge via this acquisition.

Profile TUNNELLING buyer

The tunnelling buyer is a large and reputable road construction company. Within more than fifteen years since its establishment the buyer has grown it’s revenues to more than 500m Euro. The construction company has grown in size and scope to meet the needs and demands for improved transport infrastructure. The buyer specializes in the services to large construction projects. The buyer is going to be involved in a large tunnelling project and wants to acquire further knowledge in this field. Therefore the company wants to buy a medium or small size tunnel construction company which is registered in Europe and has a good past experience with tunnelling. The target company could ideally have knowledge, required licences, a competitive park of tunnelling machinery and good management. The target company should fit the requirements for qualifications to any tender which has tunnel works.
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Strategy tunnelling construction buyer

The buyer is a construction company with 1000 employees and annual revenues of 500M Euro. The construction buyer is looking to buy a company in Europe with large experience in tunnelling. The buyer works in Europe as well outside of Europe and currently has won a tunnelling project. The buyer wants further expertise in tunnelling and hence think about acquiring a small to medium sized construction company with tunnelling experience in Europe. The main interest of the buyer is to get expertise and access to the right tunnelling equipment. The planned investment amount is between 3M and 5M Euro.

Services tunnelling construction company buyer

The company is increasing its services in the field of TUNNELLING and is looking to acquire a TUNNELLING target. Currently the construction company is active in:
  • Construction, reconstruction and repair of motorways
  • Construction and repair of bridges, overpasses and other artificial structures
  • Construction, reconstruction and repair of airports
  • Production of road construction materials
  • Projecting of construction works

Highlights tunnelling construction company

  • The buyer is a company that wants to enter the tunnelling construction industry
  • The buyer finances its acquisitions with own funds and has sufficient capital available
  • The buyer focuses on construction projects
  • The company to buy should be active as a tunnelling construction company
  • The management of the target company should stay and be integrated in the buying company

Information on tunnelling company wanted

Please do get in touch if you know such tunnelling construction companies available in Europe. This buyer is open to acquire a company as described above. For more companies wanted please visit the page companies wanted.