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Manufacturer of packaging materials to buy wanted

Manufacturing business to buy wanted

Packaging manufacturer or trading company to buy

  • The sales of the company to buy should be between 5m and 50m Euro
  • The location can be the Netherlands or Belgium
  • The packaging company should employ between 20 and 500 employees
  • Reason for acquisition: The buyer wants to extend the sales of this packaging company and possibly grow via acquisitions of companies that provide similar services
  • CFIE T0144

Trading or manufacturing buyer

An international experienced buyer with a background as general manager in family related businesses wants to acquire a manufacturer or trading company of packaging products. This manager backed by strong investors wants to grow further via acquisitions.

Profile packaging company

The company to buy should be active in packaging and can be both a manufacturer or a trading company. The company to buy could possible also be active in other industries like petrochemical, technical or automotive companies.

Sell your business

Recieve details about this buyer or other ways to sell your business

Packaging company services

The company to buy can deliver any type of services in packaging. Opportunities should exist to optimize production or grow via acquisitions of similar companies.


  • The manager is a proven leader in medium sized family businesses in the Netherlands or Belgium
  • The company to buy should be active in packaging
  • The target company can be a technical, petrochemical or automotive company as well

Information on these companies wanted

Please do get in touch if you know these type of family companies available in the Netherlands or Belgium. This buyer is open to acquire a company as described above. Fill out contact form (get in touch).