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Testing and certification company wanted

Testing and certification company to buy

  • The sales of the testing and certification company to buy should be between 5m and 25m Euro
  • The location should be in Scandinavia
  • The company should preferably focus on railroads or have some activity in rail
  • Reason for acquisition: The buyer is an engineering company with its main activity in the railroad industry. It does testing of trains and wants to expand its activity in Scandinavia to service its customers in that region as well.
  • CFIE T0180A

Train certification buyer

The buyer is an international engineering firm with around 70 employees, mainly active in the development of complete trains wagons and train components for a world-wide market. In addition the company provides services for certification and inspection of trains. As part of its expansion strategy they intend to acquire a company active in a similar field in the Scandinavian region. The company has offices across Europe and would like to have an office in Scandinavia to better serve its customers in the region.

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Activities and services testing and certification business

The company is a service provider in measurement technology for the railway industry. It offers a wide variety of measurements in the field of railway vehicle technology and operations. These include the measurement of vibrations, of mechanical stresses and forces, of noise sources and of electrical values and heat.
In the testing and certification area many of these measurements serve to compare simulation calculations with reality. A particular focus is measurement of traction dynamics and adhesion. The company has experienced and competent measurement teams and special equipment. This includes compact, configurable measurement systems that can be installed in electrical cabinets or equipment rooms. This allows the execution of most measurements during normal operations and without affecting them. Automatic measurement systems are deployed wherever they are needed or make sense. Efficient solutions are offered for measurements during test runs under intentionally generated extreme conditions. For new vehicles, such measurements are best conducted during the test runs required. For tests and trials of any kind the company offers comprehensive support: the company can develop a concept for the test procedure in the preparation phase, autonomously organise a measurement campaign or supply well-founded specialist advice.

Testing and certification company to buy

The company to buy should have at least EUR 5m in sales. They should preferably have a focus on trains and railroads in the testing and certification business. The buyer understands a pure focus on railroads is not always the case so if the company devotes a part of its time to the railroad industry that would be of interest too.


  • The buyer is an engineering firm with a high focus on railroads and trains
  • The company produces high quality services and products
  • The buyer wants to increase its presence in the European and Scandinavian market
  • The company to buy should be active as a testing and certification company
  • The management of the target company should be able to stay and grow the company together

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Please do get in touch if you know such testing and certification companies available in Scandinavia or Europe. This buyer is open to acquire a company as described above. Fill out contact form (get in touch).