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Specialty chemical buyer

Chemicals company to buy wanted

Company to buy

  • Sales: 2m to 20m Euro
  • Location: Europe (preferably but not restricted to Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium or the Nordic countries)
  • Employees: 10 to 200
  • EBITDA    : € 0,5 m - € 4 m
  • Preferably active in specialty chemical manufacturing
  • #CFIE U016
  • Reason for acquisition: The buyer is very focused on the specialty chemical industry with an interest in specialty chemical manufacturing. It has done many acquisitions already and wants to buy a similar specialty chemicals manufacturer in Europe

Overview chemical specialty manufacturer

An European specialty chemical company with a focus on specialty chemical manufacturing wants to expand further via acquisitions in Europe. The buyer is very interested in medium sized specialty chemical companies for sale. The chemical buyer is a medium-size, independent and family owned company, headquartered in Europe. The specialty chemical buyer develops, produces and markets chemical specialties for various industries such as paints and coatings additives, adhesives, electronics, paper and textile additives, water treatment and fragrances. The specialty chemical buyer invoices almost 200m Euro and has more than 600 people in the world. The chemical buyer has an industrial presence in 20 countries (mostly in Europe, but also in the USA, Brazil and China). Due to the sustained external growth policy (the specialty chemical buyer acquired various businesses during the last years) the buyer is looking at acquisitions in Europe. The buyer is willing to pursue an external growth program to increase it’s position in it’s core business by acquiring manufacturers of specialty chemicals.

Strategy of chemical specialty buyer

The strategy of the specialty chemical buyer is to be active in the fields of textile auxiliaries, agriculture, food, fine and specialty chemicals, paper, perfumes, paints, coatings, textile and water treatment. The buyer is active in innovation and has a broad spectrum of know-how (from chemical synthesis to polymerization and formulation). The specialty chemical buyer invests more than 5% of it’s sales in Research & Development. By doing this it creates performance additives in its laboratory as well as with external partners to offer our customers technical and ecological improvements. The specialty chemical buyer has a wide network of agents which enables it to sell its products in more than 60 countries. This organization offers a local service to both our international and local customers. The buyer is very active in sustainable development and undertakes actions to prevent the risks and to minimize the impact of industrial activities on the health of its employees, customers and the environment. The buyer has Research and Development centres in Europe, in the USA and in Asia. The specialty chemical buyer has strong expertise in synthesis, polymerisation and formulation.
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Ideal profile of chemical specialty manufacturer to be acquired

The focus should be on specialty solutions in the chemical industry. The company to buy should be active in specialty chemicals manufacturing. Preferably the manufacturer of specialty chemicals for sale is active in agriculture, food processing, commodities, fine and specialities chemicals, electronics, perfumes or paint.
The characteristics of the business the specialty chemical buyer intends to acquire are:
  • Markets: specialty organic chemicals for the electronics industry, or additive for coatings, paint, textile, paper, or water treatment markets. This excludes pigments, biocides, fine chemicals or API chemicals for the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Turnover between 2 and 20 million Euro
  • Profitable company with growth history, where the buyer could acquire at least 67% with an option for the additional shares
  • Clean environmental situation and tax situation
  • Real estate preferably owned by the company
  • Chemical and biochemical specialties for various industries.

Highlights of the specialty chemicals manufacturing buyer

The company has a lot of experience in the specialty chemical manufacturing industry. Here are some of the highlights of the buyer:
  • High focus on specialty chemicals manufacturing
  • Large investments in R&D
  • Extend its business model further in Europe
  • Have performed many acquisitions of specialty chemicals manufacturing companies
  • Financially strong and profitable company

Information on this specialty chemicals manufacturing buyer

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