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Chemical distribution buyer

Chemicals company to buy wanted

Company (specialty chemical distributor) to buy

  • Sales of the specialty chemical distributor wanted: 2m to 30m Euro
  • Location specialty chemical distributor wanted: Europe
  • Employees: 10 to 300
  • EBITDA multiple for payment: 5-7
  • Preferably active in specialty chemical distribution with some manufacturing
  • #CFIE U046
  • Reason for acquisition: The buyer is very focused on the specialty chemical distribution industry with an interest also in specialty chemical manufacturing. It has done some acquisitions already and wants to grow further via a buy and build strategy in Europe

Overview chemical specialty distributor

An European specialty chemical distribution company wants to expand further via acquisitions in Europe. The buyer is interested in medium sized specialty chemical distribution companies for sale. The chemical buyer is a Nordics based medium-size, independent and family owned company with a revenue of over 200m Euro. The buyer is willing to pursue an external growth program to increase the position in core businesses by acquiring a distributor of specialty chemical products. The chemical distribution buyer is active in a wide range of industrial chemicals, specialty chemicals and polymers for industrial production processes. The chemical buyer sources the products globally and serves it’s customers locally in the countries where it is active. The company distributes a broad range of industrial chemicals from many different suppliers. The specialty chemical distributor provides services to many industrial companies in ten different countries.
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Strategy of chemical specialty distribution buyer

The strategy of the specialty chemical distribution buyer is to be active in its core countries in the Nordics of Europe and grow it services to more countries. Countries of interest are Turkey, India and basically all countries in Europe.
Products of the chemical specialty distributor to be acquired
The focus should be on specialty solutions in the chemical industry. The characteristics of the business the specialty chemical distribution buyer wants to acquire are:
  • Polymers (this includes chemicals for polymer production, rubber and the plastic industries)
  • Coatings
  • Paints, adhesives or other construction chemicals
  • Metal (this can be chemicals for metal production or treatment)
  • Food and Agro chemicals

Highlights of the specialty chemicals distribution buyer

The company has a large experience in the specialty chemical distribution industry. Here are some of the highlights of the buyer:
  • High focus on specialty chemicals distribution
  • Strong position in the Nordics and now extending its business model further in Europe
  • Have performed various acquisitions of specialty chemicals manufacturing companies
  • Financially strong and profitable, but still a family owned company

Information on this specialty chemicals distribution buyer

Please do get in touch if you know such specialty chemical distribution companies for sale. We are interested to learn about possible targets for this specialty chemical distribution buyer. We do have a lot of contacts in the European chemical industry. Please visit the page about chemical companies for sale if you want to see chemical companies for sale. If you are the owner of a chemical company and you are interested in a business sale please visit the page with chemical companies wanted. You can also go to the page with information about selling a chemical company.