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Safety equipment

Manufacturing business to buy wanted

Safety Equipment company to Buy

  • Revenues: between 5 and 30 M EURO
  • Location of the safety equipment company wanted: Germany, France, Belgium, the Netherlands German market
  • Product range: Similar product range
  • Ideally a manufacturer that sells into the distributors but not a distributor itself
  • Could also be an internet company that sells these types of products.
  • #CFIE  ABE 002
  • Reason for Acquisition: the Buyer wants to expand its business in Germany, France, the Netherlands or Belgium and decides to buy a direct access to the market through one/various acquisition/s

Overview Safety Equipment Company wanted to buy

The company, located in Western Europe, has more than 100 years of experience in its sector, and it is now leader on an international level in design and manufacture of high quality Workwear, Footwear and PPE that meets international standards through excellent quality, and very competitive pricing.
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With distribution throughout Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the USA, supported by factories in Europe and the Far East, the Company´s unique collection of safety apparel and PPE protects people all over the world in different industries. The Company´s stock levels are at an all-time high and its innovative operations ensure all orders are picked, packed and ready for dispatch accurately and on-time. Currently, the Company is very interested on expanding their business in Germany and in the German market.

Strategy of the Safety Equipment Company

The company wants to expand in Western and central Europe, espeically Germany. However, other countries like France, Belgium and the Netherlands are also of interest. The Company and the Group are used to work through high quality standards, all over the world, with more than 1000 individual product lines. Hence, buying some main local companies with a good brand in the sector has become their choice for expansion through build up process. The Company to buy should have a revenue between 5 and 30 M EUROS, as the buyer has the support by financial entities to acquire up to a value of 30M Euro. The Company is also willing to consider management participation.

Ideal profile of Safety Equipment Company to be acquired

The Company is both a manufacturer and global distributor, so they’d be interested in a similar company, manufacturer or both, of safety equipment such as workwear and footwear equipment. The Company must be good positioned in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium or France and have a good brand, with multiple customers and a good management team. On the one hand it is the distribution network with good access to German distributors. On the other the hand it would be ideal if the company had own high quality products and a brand so these could be distributed globally via the network of the buyer as well.

Possible target types

  • Specialist Work glove manufacturer/importer.
  • Specialist Workwear manufacturer/importer.
  • Specialist Safety footwear manufacture/importer.
  • Specialist Disposable clothing manufacturer/importer.
  • Specialist Disposable masks manufacturer/importer.
  • Specialist High visibility clothing manufacturer/importer.
  • Specialist Flame retardant workwear manufacturer/importer.
  • General PPE importer. Combination of the above with no manufacturing.
  • Specialist importer only.

Information on this buyer Safety Equipment companies

Please do get in touch if you know any safety equipment companies in Germany or active in the German market, open for a business sale. if you know companies in other countries like the Netherlands, France or Belgium we would also be very interested. This buyer is interested in safety equipment companies. We do have good experience in the safety equipment industry and can help to find buyers for your Safety Equipment Company for sale so please   Fill out contact form (get in touch). For other companies wanted in Germany please visit the section companies wanted in Germany.