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Rubber manufacturing buyer

Manufacturing business to buy wanted

A non-tire rubber goods company to buy

  • The location of the company to be bought can be anywhere across Europe
  • The company to buy needs to be active in non tyre rubber manufacturing
  • Reason for acquisition: The buyer wants to diversify it’s business and be less dependent on the Russian economy. Hence, it wants to acquire a non tyre rubber manufacturer in Europe
  • Enterprise value should be not more than 20 mln euro
  • #CFIE U079

Overview non-tire rubber goods buyer

A non tyre rubber manufacturing company, with headquarters in Russia, wants to acquire a similar company active in the field of manufacturing of non-tire rubber goods. The buyer is an experienced manufacturer with several decades of expertise. The non-tire rubber goods manufacturer to buy should ideally have a focus on high quality products. The buyer brings in capital as well as many years of experience in the production of non-tire rubber goods. Through this acquisition, the buyer wants to diversify its company and customer base and improve the quality of it’s products. The company has a long-term development strategy that will lead to a build-up of manufacturing capacities and the development of a leading producer of industrial rubber. The company has high quality lines for the production of conveyor belts that are used for the non-tire rubber industry. The enterprise value should be not more than 20 mln euro, which is also the available budget for this acquisition.

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A non-tire rubber goods company wanted

The buyer is a leader in the development, manufacture and supply of non-tire rubber goods for industrial sectors of business in Russia. The group has two production sites as well as numerous sales offices throughout Russia. The headquarters are located in Moscow and exists for more than 60 years. During this period a complete technological chain of high quality production has been created. Rubber compounds and ready-made rubber products for all sectors of industry and agriculture are manufactured. The company produces low-combustible conveyor belts. Conveyor transport is an essential instrument of mining operations. The products of the buying company are often used in mines (conveyor belt of increased heat-resistance). The company is the exclusive manufacturer of resiliently expanding hoses in Russia.

Products of the buyer of non-tire rubber goods manufacturer

The buyer is a Russian based highly experienced non-tire rubber goods manufacturing company. The buyer would like to acquire a manufacturer of non-tire rubber goods. The company produces:

  • Conveyor belts
  • Industrial and hydraulic hoses
  • Hoses for vehicles
  • Moulded and non-moulded rubber products
  • Rubber compounds (for industrial use)

Highlights of the non-tire rubber goods manufacturing company wanted

  • The company to buy should be active as a non-tire rubber goods components manufacturer;
  • The buyer is a Russian based and globally present manufacturer of non-tire rubber goods components
  • The products are fully automated and integrated in a single control system
  • High quality products like pressure rubber hoses, rubber hoses for gas welding and metal cut
  • The buyers brings in capital and experience with rubber manufacturing technology built in several decades of existence

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