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Road Freight Transport Company in Europe Wanted

Road freight transport company wanted

•    Size: small sized company
•    Revenue: Euro < 15m
•    Location of the company: Europe
•    Reason for acquisition: enhance capacities
•    #CFIE TRB094

Overview of the buyer of road freight transport company in Europe

The buyer company was established 25 years ago and is a large road transportation, international freight forwarding and 3PL/4PL contract logistics company specialized in trucking, storage, consolidation, distribution and logistics services in Central European Countries. The company is active in transportation, storage and distribution of cold products, press and books, FMCG, general and express cargo in Central Europe. The Company plans to expand and therefore is searching for relatively smaller road freight transportation company, which is experienced in handling of standard and perishable cargos in Europe. The company is strategically oriented on continuous development through permanently investing in operating systems and acquisitions to speed up the growing tendency.

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Profile (strategy) of the buyer of road freight transport company in Europe

The buyer company is providing comprehensive intermodal, shipping, trucking and logistic services using the modern digital platforms, tools and methods to the customers requiring conditioned international and domestic transportation of all kind food and perishable products, among its customers are leading producers, retailers, wholesalers and other large consumers in various industry. The buyer is represented with several branches, depots, cargo logistics centers and warehouses within Central Europe for more than twenty five years, it is operating with hundreds units of own trucking transport means, performs logistic activities in many kind of materials supply chain, project management  and parcels, cold, media and warehouse logistics services. As a result of increasing demands on the particular service of handling standard and temperature controlled products, the management of the company is looking for fast growing opportunity by acquiring smaller road transportation company operating in the same field to conjointly perform operations and contribute to increasing value of the dignity of company.

Activities and services of road freight transport company in Europe wanted

The transportation company wanted should be well experienced in carriage and handling of scheduled shipments of various products from small consignments to full loads in Europe. Desired location of the road freight transport company wanted is Europe, preferably with suitable facilities in the place and some well maintained vehicles for heavy, general and conditioned cargo transport. The company wanted should be able to maintain its current customer database, sales personnel should be motivated to further promoting and implementing activities for gaining new customers and operating part should be oriented on improvement and future novelises that will be introduced by the new owner.    

Highlights of the buyer and road freight transport company in Europe wanted

•    The buyer is a fast growing asset strong fully certified company specialized in a
      niche of handling a standard, special and cold products
•    The buyer possesses own fleet of hundreds of various types of transport means and
      owns warehouse facilities in many strategic locations
•    The buyer wants to expand his business in Europe, preferably in Central Europe
•    Target companies should be specialized in special, heavy, cool and dry products
      transportation, storage and distribution services
•    Companies with motivated compact team, own vehicles and warehouses will be

More information about the road freight transport company in Europe wanted

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