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Real estate services company wanted Germany

Company to buy 

  • Size: tiny to small business
  • Revenue: EUR 1-10M
  • Price: up to 2M EUR
  • Location of the Real estate services company: Germany
  • Reason for acquisition: Business expansion in central Europe
  • #CFIE TSC043

Overview of this real estate services company wanted in Germany 

The management of a leading real estate company in the Middle East is looking to expand their business presence in Europe, specifically Germany or central Europe. Therefore, they are looking for any real estate services company owners, which would consider a sale of their company to a buyer from the same industry and with experience.

Profile (strategy) of this real estate services buyer 

The buyer company was first established as family business three decades ago and took its current structure in approximately 15 years ago. The business of the company is made up of a number of divisions catering for all property needs for both owned and clients properties like:

  • property management & development 
  • clearance 
  • towers contracting
  • real estate consultation
  • feasibility studies 
  • valuation 

The company management wishes to diversify their portfolio of business because of the slowdown in the oil industry in the Middle East, which has had an effect on the property market in Middle East region. Now the company look for business elsewhere and look at other key locations in the Germany and Europe. 

The company management sees the Germany market as a good area for property investment, and think that acquisition will give the buyer better access to the German market. The management will be happy to consider all kinds of companies which operate in real estate industry in Germany. Preferences of the target are listed below.

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Activities and products this real estate services target 

The ideal target should be based in one of the major cities in Germany. Ideal industry sectors, in which should the target be preferably specialized include:

  • Real Estate sales and lettings 
  • Property management and development 
  • Real Estate Consultation
  • Feasibility Studies & Valuation

The ideal business for the buyer would offer all of the above services. However, businesses with only 1 of the services above offered will also be of interest – the company would later be developed to offer new services to its client base. For the buyer, opportunities with an acquisition price of up to EUR 2M will not be a problem.

For the buyer, the key features of the ideal target are:

  • The target should be an established business with a strong trading history and EBITDA
  • If the current owner wishes to exit the business a strong second tier management of staff should be in place 
  • The business should have good modern systems such as CRM’S and back office in place 
  • Location in Germany

Highlights of this real estate services company target and buyer

  • A Middle Easter buyer wants to acquire real estate business in Europe, specifically German
  • The management is able to finance acquisition with value up to 2M EUR
  • The management is also happy to consider companies which do not completely match the above specifications, they will also consider any opportunity suiting only a part of the preferences.

Information of this real estate services company wanted in Germany

Feel free to contact us for more information regarding this real estate services company buyer in Germany or if you know possible interested or suited parties. For more buyers of companies please visit the section companies wanted. For companies for sale visit the section companies for sale