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Pump sales and services company to buy wanted

Pump manufacturing buyer


This Asian pump and motor manufacturer manufactures a very wide range of products, all produced in large numbers. They have been on the European market for some time, but feel they need a stronger presence. For that reason they want to acquire a sales, marketing and service organisation in Western Europe.

They want to acquire or take a majority stake in an existing company with good marketing strengths in west or central Europe for their range of products. The maximum investment is 2 million Euro

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Profile sales and services pump company to buy

The candidate we are looking for should have a good sales, marketing and services capacity and have an European marketing reach in industry sectors especially water applications and be centrally located in Western Europe.

Pump and motor manufacturing company

Their products are all approved for exports to Europe and they have the necessary quality management certificates. The company targets domestic, building, agriculture and industry sectors, mostly for water applications.


  • The group is a specialist in pumps and motors manufacturing
  • The company to buy should preferably be active in the pumping industry and have a good sales and marketing network in Europe
  • The manufacturer of pumps is highly competitive

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Please do get in touch if you know such a company available in Europe. This buyer is open to acquire a company as described above. Fill out contact form (get in touch).