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Manufacturer of plastic based flexible packaging products target company

Plastics company to buy wanted

Target Company: Manufacturer of plastic based flexible packaging products

  • Company size: 15-100 EUR M annual turnover
  • Geographic focus: Europe (1st priority: Germany, Austria, Switzerland; 2nd priority: Netherlands, Belgium, Scandinavia, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia)
  • Business focus: manufacturing (e.g., blow extrusion, cast extrusion etc.) and/or further processing (e.g., printing, laminating) of film products mainly used for packaging purposes
  • Exemplary products:  multilayer barrier films, flowpacker films, frozen food packaging films, films for bag making, plastic carrier bags, sacks, wrapping sheets, etc. 
  • Financial performance: outstanding performance not essential. The acquiring company will involve its team to improve operations and hence financial performance
  • Management: the management of the target company should be able to stay or have the flexibility to leave post transaction
  • CFIE PLB200
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Acquiring Company: Leading European flexible packaging company

  • Leading European company with a long history in manufacturing plastic flexible packaging products of various kinds for a magnitude of segments, e.g., food, retail, automotive, pharma, textile, chemicals etc.
  • Business focus: manufacturing, printing, cutting, slitting etc. of plastic-based flexible packaging products like flowpacker film, inliner film, laminating film, plastic carrier bags and wrapping sheets etc. 
  • Reason for acquisition: Strengthening  of market position as a leading European flexible packaging company through capacity expansion, addition of further value creation steps, market share gains or expansion into further market segments
  • Backing by a financial investor supported by a family office who wants to further expand its company portfolio; financing of acquisitions solely with own funds
  • The investment holding keeps its portfolio companies for the long run and has no divestment plans.

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