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Company to buy

  • Size: small to large-sized business
  • Revenue: >1M EUR
  • Employees count: >10
  • Preferred location of the target company: any EU or non-EU country
  • Reason for acquisition: The management of the buyer expands their reach in Europe by acquisitions of other European companies
  • #CFIE PHB009

Overview of this pharma consultancy company buyer

The management of a European pharma consultancy company has decided to expand the presence in European Union region via acquisitions. The buyer is a leading consultancy and project management organization in the pharmaceutical field and in life sciences industries. The ambition of the buyer is to be present in as much EU countries as it can, by acquiring healthy consultancy firms with an established client base and references. The buyer has acquired multiple consultancy companies in the past few years.

Profile (strategy) of the buyer for pharma consultancy company in Europe

The buyer is a pharmaceutical consultancy company, based in EU, serving customers from the life sciences industry. The buyer works o assignments for small companies as well as for the largest conglomerates.

The company has over 25 years of history, a track record of profitable growth in European markets. The company had successfully completed projects for many multinational firms well known in the life sciences sector. The number of completed assignments reaches 3000 and is growing steadily.

The company provides services including:

  • product development
  • quality management
  • regulatory affairs
  • engineering & facility support
  • qualification
  • validation

The buyer has a background of over 200 experienced and highly educated professionals able to provide a full-service and complex consulting in any field. The buyer is present in multiple countries, currently, it has representations in 5 countries of the world and wants to expand further – in recent years, it had been highly acquisitive and currently has enough capital for more acquisitions.

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Activities and products of the target pharmaceutical consultancy company wanted

The target company should offer similar services as the services provided by the buyer. That means the target should ideally have a history of consulting in the fields of

  • Compliance and validation
  • Process development
  • QA
  • Engineering
  • Medical devices consultancy
  • Regulatory affairs
  • Metrology / technical support

The management is open to receive investment opportunities from all countries of Europe, of all sizes. However, the target should not be smaller than 1M EUR revenue and have at least 10 full time employees (FTEs).

Highlights of the pharma consultancy company in Europe wanted

  • The buyer is a highly acquisitive pharma consultancy company, providing services for pharma, life sciences, and biotech industry.
  • The buyer has acquired multiple targets in recent years.
  • The target should be a consultancy firm (small or medium), financially stable and with good references in the industry/region.

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