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Buyer looking to buy PET bottle producers in Europe

Plastics company to buy wanted

Company to buy

  • Sales: 5m to 100m Euro
  • Location: Europe (preferably Northern, Central or Western Europe)
  • Employees: 25 to 150
  • EBITDA    : € 0,5 m - € 10 m
  • Preferably active in the manufacturing of PET bottles
  • CFIE U002
  • Reason for acquisition: The buyer wants to expand its business in Europe and use it’s knowledge to improve further PET bottle manufacturers

Overview Pet bottle producer

The company moulds PET bottles and preforms bottles for the soft drink, dairy, beer and wine markets. The company has modern production facilities and is backed by strong investors. The company has been acquired by a private investor who wants to expand in this market. The plastic (PET) bottle manufacturer is supported by the expertise and knowhow of its parent. The PET bottle manufacturer positions itself on the market with a strong focus on innovation. The PET bottle manufacturer strives to be the best in the manufacturing of PET bottles and related products. The products of the buyer are available in both monolayer and multilayer formats.

Strategy of pet bottle manufacturing buyer

The company wants to expand in mainland Europe especially in Germany. As products are sold to large, international customers, the company thrives to offers its products European-wide and therefore production facilities in Europe are needed to serve those customers. PET is an outstanding alternative to the traditional glass packaging as it is much lighter. It is a superior product in many ways. One of the other advantages is that it is almost unbreakable. Hence, the expanded use of PET in various sectors, including the drink, food and home products sectors. The companies injection moulding machines are equipped us to produce any desired finish, colour and quantity.

Ideal profile of Pet Bottle Producer to be acquired

The focus should on middle-sized, efficient producers with a good market position facing the decision to invest in expansion or to combine forces with a suitable partner having excess production capacity.

Highlights pet bottle manufacturer

The company has experience in the PET manufacturing industry and serves many customers across Europe. It wants to extend this business model to further new locations in Europe.

Information on PET bottle manufacturer

Please do get in touch if you know such pet bottle manufacturing companies in Europe open for a business sale. For more European (or global) buyers for your company please visit the page companies to wanted.