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Wanted networking cable distribution company

Business to buy wanted in information technology

Cabling distribution company to buy

  • The sales of the company to buy should be between 1m and 20m Euro
  • The location can be in Belgium, Germany or France
  • The distribution company should focus on the distribution of products in the voice, data or image fields (Telephony, Video-Conferencing, Cabling, Pre-Wiring, IP Camera, Access solutions, Fibre Optics and Data Networks)
  • Reason for acquisition: The buyer is a strong player with more than 100M Euro revenue in it’s home country that wants to build up a position as a leader in new countries as well
  • CFIE ITB266

Networking cables distribution buyer

A leading European distribution group of VDI products/convergence solutions in the voice, data and image fields is planning on growing outside it’s home country. The overall group turnover is more than 100 M€. Their clients are mainly installers (85%), some integrators and 5% others. The company does not distribute electrical materials. The distribution group wants to a get a foothold in Belgium and Germany and acquire a similar type of distribution group. This company to buy should be active in similar products related to VDI, Fibre Optics and Telephony or Security.

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Profile cabling distributor company to buy

The company to buy should preferably have products like Telephony, Video-Conferencing, Cabling, Pre-Wiring, IP Camera, Access solutions, Fibre Optics and Data Networks.

Possible application areas are:

  • Video security for homes and businesses
  • Data Centres
  • Cabling for buildings

These type of distributors would be suited for this buyer. The size is up to EUR 20 mln revenue and the location can be Belgium, France or Germany.


  • The buyer is a company with a proven business model
  • The buyer has done various acquisitions in it’s home country
  • The company to buy should be active as a distributor of cabling and other data networking products
  • The management of the target company should be able to stay and grow the company together with the buyer to a national presence in it’s own country

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Please do get in touch if you know these type of companies available in Belgium, France or Germany. This buyer is open to acquire a distribution company as described above. Fill out contact form (get in touch).